Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Patterns

Haven't start my book for SEWN yet, but
I have become obsessed with making patterns.
Talk about fun.
I love how this class has made me see patterns wherever I look.
Which is a good art thing,
I think.
Here's some more patterns-
I enhanced my basic painted and inked pages from yesterday.
Reminds me of those Mexican, Portuguese or Italian ceramics that I love.
Using Copics or Sharpies makes a whole lot of difference.
Its hard to know when to stop.
And one more
So I am working at the lake this morning-
that is if it isn't still raining,
and when I come home I
think I will make some patterns.
Or maybe start sewing my book.
Stop by again and hopefully I'll have more to show you.


ColetteT said...

I love your top pattern. It's beautiful.

ColetteT said...

I love the top pattern so much!