Monday, July 15, 2013

Travel Journal

Finished up the travel journal yesterday.
Got it ready for traveling.
Did a bit of fixing and arranging and then will add more while we're traveling on our BIG road trip.
Finally, I'll add the finishing touches after we get home.
Thought I'd show you a few pages right now.
Too bad the light is so nasty here.
I like using a 3 ring binder because then I can rearrange pages as I want once I get rolling on the trip.
I also liked using some tags and some 7Gypsies papers. Lets me put this together pretty quick and has some great base pages.
Then I stamp and add some die cuts and stickers.
I'll add things like postcards and make collages by cutting up brochures.
I don't use the 7Gypsies pages as they come. I have to kick them up.
I take with me a little bag with some scrap paper and I have a little mini-lunch box that has some glue and markers etc. The basics. I don't make this book to be a perfect volume. But because its full of flaws and real  moment pieces, it makes it more perfect, I think.
It is an honest little volume.
How to do make travel journals- if you make them?

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