Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Patterns

So yesterday when I went to visit my mom I brought the pattern book I made  (for  the SEWN class I am taking) and some drawings accessories to fill the pattern book with.
It was a great thing to do while we had several hours of girl talk.
Here's some of the pages I made.
My favorite page.

Little and variable.
This design has a certain appeal. I like it more and more as I look at it.
Like it better photographed than in reality.
 Just doodling and drawing and making patterns.
Using some watercolor markers and a water brush.
What fun!
We sure talked for a long time. I made a lot of pages.
So today I have packing to do. Packing isn't so bad. It's all the other little details to get ready to go. You know, remembering to water the plants. Getting the animals settled. Harley goes to my mother-in-laws and the cats are hanging home. Katie's beau will be stopping by to feed them and check up on them. Got to finish the laundry. Trying to remember all the things you need and can't easily buy when you get there. You know-the camera battery charger, the phone charger, the bathing suit.  My National Park stamp book. All that kind of stuff.
Got to remember to pay a few bills too so they don't go past due while we're gone.
All the details!
Have a super Tuesday and
thanks for visiting.


Janet said...

I love your pattern work. Your doodles are amazing! Visiting you through AJED!

Kooky Makes said...

Your patterns are beautiful, I think working while talking to your mum is good for you... or anyone!