Thursday, October 4, 2007

adding to my list

More items for my list which was started yesterday in the blog.

51- Have lots of years with Dave
52- have some small goals, not so many lofty high ones
53- be a little more wild and crazy
54-don't be afraid to try things
55-laugh, laugh and laugh
56- remember, travel is really high on this list still
57-play and have fun everyday
58-do something a little scary or challenging every day
59- do fun things with Dave more
60-appreciate what I have all the time
61- not get so cranky about doing things for others
62- exercise and stay limber
63-revisit the Isabella Stuart Gardner museum in Boston-its been years
64-go to the MOMA in NYC- and go back to NYC soon
65-go back to Vegas in the winter and go to Death Valley
66-watch more movies
67-buy fewer rubber stamps- no, have more $$ to buy my rubber stamps
68-not to be so wishy-washy which I am sometimes. Decide I want to do something and go for it
69- go to Montreal
70- also go way Down East Maine and into Canada (the Atlantic Provinces)
71- go to Maine more
72- stay home and play and not feel like I always have to clean things
73- accept my messes with grace and be ok with that

notice how much travel is listed in my list? Does that say something- good or bad? I love being home though-sometimes frustrated with the things unfinished but love being home.

Enough for tonight...

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