Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yes it is October

Finally, we have leaf color- peak color- and its a few weeks later than normal. Friday night we had a heavy rain, and a bunch of leaves came down in the yard, as you can see in this photo. I love fall. The colors, the smell of it, the comfort food you want to eat again (like crisp apples, pumpkin bread, roast turkey, pot roast, winter squash...mmmm). Get to wear my sweaters and my fleece again- but not too cold yet. And still too early for snow...though I can say I'm not totally crazy about these shorter day- the nights not bad, makes you want to put on your pjs and read on the couch with a cup of tea but getting up in the morning-UGH.

I sewed my pumpkins together and have them hanging on my hutch...I included the seperate pumpkin photos in an earlier post when I made them and now they are out to enjoy. Halloween is next week- as well as Dave's and Katie's birthdays. Need to go out and take some more seasonal photos- especially in the next couple of days while we're still really warm...they say cooler at the end of the week...but it is NH and it is October.

Last night the Sox rocked! They were hot! (They beat Cleveland 12-2 at Fenway) Tonight is game 7 for the American League Pennant...go Sox!!!!

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