Sunday, October 28, 2007

Let them eat cake!

Today I made cake. This one is the edible one- its a great recipe by the Charleston cake lady where you doctor a package mix. It was devil's food with chocolate mini-chips. A must have for any chocoholic. Frosted with white frosting from the jar and home made peppermint frosting colored pink, then decorated with colored sugar. Notice the date 4716! Dave will be 47 tomorrow. Katie will be 16 on Tuesday. Grammy came down to visit and Katie had gone to see Saw4 with Nick, his brother Ben and his Mom Lynn, so they stopped by for cake this afternoon too. Sooooooooo yummy.
Switch seats guys. Katie are not going to be 47. Dave might wish he was 16 again though.
My pink peppermint frosting.
Working on it!
Final cake with no candles.

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