Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today is...

Wet and rainy, raw and grey. Its been a busy week- but a good week, not super stressful. Yesterday I had bookclub, we went to Newick's and had some fried clams- yummy, yummy, but today I feel so fat. Blubber gal. Emmie had an abcess on her face the other day- needed to take her to the vet to get it drained, but with the antibiotics, its looking good. She is her pretty little pie-pie girl And yesterday, I went to AE-love that store- could have spent a fortune- but I was pretty good. Notice, pretty good. I want to go back sooner rather than a couple of great books:
"I Dare You"- a great scrapbooking book and also a book on creating travel journals by Design Originals. Plus that had all the fall and Christmas stuff out- I love holiday stamps and stickers and all the new items. That store has so much in it I bet I missed half the items.Here's the link. Check it out.
Watching LA INK, like that show a lot- though its so different from me- maybe that's why I am so fascinated with it. They do some fantastic tatoos, and not sure I would want one- maybe all my babies including my old dog Winnie if I ever did, but don't think so at this time.
Been doing a lot with my Dublin photos- making the book a little more city/grafitti- or trying to at least. Have to take some photos to show...also going to do a little book called Tea with the Queen and playing with some Christmas want to do some Christmas cards, and am making Katie a wooden box cake- using roung wooden boxes and stacking them to make a momento of her 16th birthday which rolls around on the need to do Dave's it when I have lots of ideas and I'm pumped to do it all.

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