Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More verbal ramblings

Weren't these the coolest clouds? A shot from last Sunday morning.
Tomorrow night is the first game of the world's series- Red Sox (YAHOO) vs. The Rockies. I remember 2004 when the Sox made the world series (especially sweet was the pennant where they came back from 0 wins to take the Yankees in a sweep). Does this mean a lot of nights of little sleep with these late games? Everyone was walking around in lack of sleep zombie-ville then. They broke the curse then too- was it 86 years? And Dad had just missed it since if he'd lived a few weeks more he could have seen them do it- and Dad loved the Sox too. Well I can do without some sleep if they'd win-that would be ok. Tomorrow I have 8th grade open house at school, will do a bit of birthday shopping between 3 when I leave and until 6 when I need to be back- and then go home and catch most of the game.
Today we have wind. Wind, wind, and more wind. The leaves are all coming down. Never got a photo today because by the time I got home from school I was too beat to go photograph the lawn. They are only going to get thicker as more come down.
Katie got into driver's ed- it starts Monday. She's excited. I am for her too, but a bit scared to have her out driving alone. Can she really going to be 16 on Tuesday?
Need to take some photos of my Dublin book- am quite pleased with it so far. Trying to make it a bit more city,gritty, cosmopolitan. Plus, you can only do so many the same before you need to take a twist. (Not that my pages are the same, but I try to make each book have a feel for what the book's about). Oh well, tonight I am tired. No studio time tonight. That's ok, had a great weekend playing in there and did some last night too. Think I'll go read in bed until I doze off- which won't take too long...it's another work week in the fall with darkness coming in not much after 6, cooling off...it fall and I am getting into hibernating mind frame...just a bit

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