Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Life lists

Found this website while perusing on the Internet today. I have no clue how you get into the web page to add a list, though I'm not one of the cool people she knows...I am still cool though.
Since its fun to read other people's lists, and since I can't do a list on that web page, I'll do mine here-

100 things left to do that I can think of now- at least I'll start with 100 but knowing me, it will keep on going and going

1- learn to speak Italian fluently (or any language)
2- learn to play the drums
3- lose weight and keep it off
4- take a year off from work and pursue some of my other talents like being a housewife (eeks did say that?) or my art
5- travel a lot more to where ever I want to go-that's a long long long list
6- then pay off my bills and be debt free
7- have money to pay for Katie's college
8- not to be so insecure about silly little things
9- to work on my relationship with my mom-meaning I can't let her preference for my brother get to me so much
10-read even more books (I heard about someone who read a book a day for a year- wow- I'd like a book a week every week- better put the 1100 page tomes away)
11- travel more and more
12-finish our addition on our house its been 7 years so far...
13-take more art classes
14- get a masters degree in either library science or fiber arts
15- like the parts of me I don't like better
16-learn to relax more when life gets stressful
17-try not to have so many piles of my stuff around the house

if this the list of 47 year old or what?

18- be able to retire when I want to
19-not feel guilty about all my rubber stamps-like I'm not suppose to have like 1000 or so of them
20-spend more time with my friends
21- drive across the USA
22-do something crazy with my mom before she can't do it- meaning convincing her to do it in the first place
23-always stay friends with my girl Katie
24-did I say travel more
25-go to the Isle of Shoals and those other places
26- live for a while on the ocean on the coast of Maine
27- have adventures
28-learn to draw
29-make homemade bread more often- and other yummies too while I'm at it
30-buy some red shoes- and other colored shoes too while I'm at it
31-get back to having a great veggie garden
32-get acupuncture to make my stressed out neck feel better
33-not be afraid to try physically challenging or scary things-like going white water rafting again or going down hill skiing again
34-letting go and not having to life by those rules I set up for myself
35-trying to me more handy around the house like doing physical labor on the addition
36-being able to do all kinds of cool handwriting
37-kayaking more frequently
38-getting a house on a lake-like Merrymeeting here in town
39-living somewhere far far away for a bit
40-doing more art more often
41- not procrastinating so much
42-getting a new floor in my kitchen and diningroom
43-having more time
44-not having to get up at 4:45 a.m. to go to work, but still getting done by 3 in the afternoon
45-being more of an iniater than a mothering soul
46-shaving my head-if only I really could-or liking my hair a lot better
47-seeing people who are gone from my life-that I want to see that is
48- learning to decorate a cake
49-play tennis again- its been a bit
50-knit more often
ok,a good start....I can add to it another day or as I come up with something...

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