Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday and I ramble with words

Tuesday-another lovely day- though busy. The kids came in second block today showing me a website where you can check your bio-rhythms, and mine is all in the negative right now- emotion, physical and intellectual. According to this ( if you want to believe it) its going to stay down for a week too.

Did grade a few labs tonight- not as many as I should but I am having procrastination fever about grading these- though I graded many other things today- what's my crazy issue?-must be those bio-rhythms.

Anyhow- good news- instead of finishing my lab grading I finished my day in Northern Ireland book. Yahoo! It is not only done but bound too. Been wanting to finish this up for a few weeks now but always seems to be more to do...but not now. I still have other travel journal projects to do- the rest of Ireland, Phlly, the Grand Canyon...some year I'll do all the photos of Katie as a baby. Wish I had been a scrapbooker then.

Dave's been gone to a conference in Plymouth, Mass. and he's due home tomorrow night. Can't wait to see him even though he only left yesterday morning. Been watching some of this Ken Burns film The War- makes me think a lot of my Dad and UNcle Russell and Uncle Bob- my Dad's stories are now gone- except what I know. I think this war said so much about their generation...more than so many of us, since it bonded the whole country together. It takes so long to get old enough to understand and sympathize- teenagers don't get it, can't get it...

So much for my written ramblings tonight. I bid you peace and something good.

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