Monday, March 3, 2008

Home and back to work

Tired tonight since I am still on +5 hours ahead time. No problem waking up to go to work, but after a day of work and my body thinking its 1:30 a.m. Even with taking an hour nap.
But the trip was GREAT! London is fantastic city. These are just a couple of standard photos I took- what people think of when they think of London. I learned there was so much more to this city- its multi-cultural, fast paced- reminds me of a Boston and New York fusion with its own +twist. What else I learned on this trip-
1) My weird wacky New England accent says place names correct- like me being a native of Worcester (Wooster), or living in New Durham (Durum), or working in Portsmouth (Portsmuth).
2) That its a small world. I had several small world moments-like meeting a woman at the play Wicked who has relatives in NH-or running into a co-worker at the gate for the plane.
3) That they have real spring in London- green grass, daffodils, forsythia starting to bloom. We came home to at least 18 inches of new snow. I bet we have 4 feet+ on the ground here now.
4) You can only be so creative having a big British breakfast everyday for a week.

5) At an exchange rate of 1 pound = 2 dollars, London is expensive right now.

6) The Oyster card is a great way to hop around town-we went to tube mostly.

7) We did good picking our hotel in Victoria. Easy access to transportation-tube, bus, and train (though we didn't use the train), lots of food pickings, 2 theatres nearby.

8) The Hardrock cafe in London- the original, is pretty small.

9) There's a whole lot of stairs to climb the dome in St. Paul's.

10) Westminster Abbey was fascinating.

11) I want to go back during the play season at the Globe theatre and see some Shakespeare.

12) The Crown jewels are full of jewels-man oh man.

13) Blade Rubber stamps is an EXCELLENT store.

14) I love mushy peas-knew that from Ireland but yummy.

15) Not exactly London, but from the plane window got to see Icebergs floating in the North Atlantic and the ice sheets off Labrador.

16) It was fun to go to Greenwich and stand in 2 hemispheres at once.

17) If you work at it, you can go over, under on ride on the top of the Thames.

18) You can't see even close to everything in 1 week- but didn't I know that.

19) Sometimes you can't find where you're going-like locating the WWII war rooms.

20) I want to go back sometime. I also want to visit the countryside of England.
21) Mind the gap. Mind your head. I love how they say Mind the gap on the tube.
22) Great adjectives. Vile. What a great word. Or being a wanker.
More photos to come. More stories.

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