Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Snapshots

So today I have a little of this and a little of that for you.
No art, just chatter.
And a few photos!
I  had a good conference in Waterville Valley yesterday. Plus, I really enjoyed  the change of scenery-being in the southern White Mountains and the National Forest. Ground was about as snow free as here at home and they were still skiing- you could see all the snow up on the ski slopes. Had my phone but didn't take any outside photos, somehow since it was cloudy it just all seemed not particularly photogenic-a lot of grey and brown-plus I was in the conference and came with 2 other co-workers who had things to get back to so I didn't really have any time to be artistic.
Did see this cool osprey workshop though.
Not very good photos but I was a ways back and used my phone to get a couple of quick snaps. I didn't know ospreys had projectile poop-it can fly up to 6 feet-they do it to keep their nests clean. (Bet you really want that info, didn't you?). Researchers also use these solar transponders on them and the ospreys fly all the way to Brazil in the winter and sometimes the young ones don't do a very good job making the trip. 80% never make it there, which seems like a lot but nature has its means.  But they are a success story in repopulating after the DDT years, and this one, who was injured in the Carolina's, now makes her home at the Squam Lake Science Center.
Very cool.
And when I got home it was cloudy but on the warmer side. I decided it was time to do some raking- unfortunately the yard is still very wet and mushy from the melted snow, but I did manage to clean off my big flower garden- and it was really good to get out in the yard and play in the garden a bit- even if it was raking.
You can see what is left of the snow.
Not too much coming up yet though- a few of the perennials are starting to green, a few crocuses are just peeking their tips out of the ground and I do have some rhubarb starting to pop.
I love the contrast of colors here- especially against the mud!
I just hope we are dryer by my vacation (1 week from tomorrow!) so I can get out and do some more gardening!
Can not wait to get dirt under my fingernails!

I also read this book this week-
It started so beautifully written, about a 20 something moving to live in Rome, but then it turned into a diary.  And that part- not poorly written but more like anyone might do if they sat down and dashed out what they had been doing on a day to day basis so years later they could look back and remember that time. I hate to say this, but I got bored with it. It could have been so much more if the author had continued with the lush and richness of the beginning of the book. If she had made a story out of her diary. If she actually created something deeper.
So now I am onto another travel volume- haven't gotten very far into it.
Let's see if this one tickles my fancy more than the last one did.
Think I have rambled on enough for one day.
Can you believe it is already April 11th?
Have a great day!

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