Friday, April 12, 2013

My Bucket List-Travel Hopes and Dreams

This week instead of 10 Things Friday I am going give you my current travel bucket list!!!
Plus a little pep talk towards the end of this post!
I am a list writer by nature, and bucket lists are a blast to write.
Might be tough because I guess I could just say I want to go everywhere !
But I won't be so broad.
(these are not in any particular order)

Here we go.
1- Visit all 50 states in the US
2- Visit all the National Parks in the US
3-See  Lavender fields in bloom in the South of France
4-See the tulips blooming in the Netherlands
5-Drive across the USA
6-Visit the coast of the Oregon and Washington state and visit Seattle too
7-Visit Portugal
8-Visit Scotland
9-Visit Greece
10-Go on one of those trips to the Arctic where you get to see the Polar bears
11-Visit Iceland
12-Visit New Zealand
13- Go to the Outback of Australia
14- Visit Palm Springs, CA
15-Visit the Atlantic Provinces of Canada-especially Newfoundland
16-Visit Sicily
17-Visit Latvia
18-Go back to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and rent a house for a week by the beach
19-Visit Charleston, SC
20-Visit Frank lloyd Wright's Falling Water House outside of Pittsburg, PA
Visit the FRank lloyd Wright house in Manchester, NH
21-Go on an African Safari
22-See Machu Pichu
23-Go to Bali or Tahiti or even better Hawaii-wish these places weren't so expensive!
24-Drive down to Key West from the Miami area
25-Go to Madrid
26-Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum in London
27-Visit the MOMA in NYC
28-Drive through Monument Valley
29-Visit the Georgia O'Keefe Museum in Santa Fe, NM
30-See a Mayan ruin
31-Go to Monet homes outside of Paris called (spelling) Giverny
32-Visit Japan
33-Go north of the Arctic circle
34-Visit Finland-the place my grandfather grew up
35-Visit Norwegian fjords and go back to Sweden
36-Visit the Gaspe Peninsula (spelling) in Eastern Quebec
37-Visit Montreal (was there as a kid)
38-Visit Normandy and Brittany
39-Visit Krakow Poland
40-Visit the LaBrea Tar pits in CA and see some fossils
41-Go back to Paris
42- Visit Cornwall
43-Cross the Bosphorus
44-Visit Venice and see St. Mark's square flood
45-Rent a house in Tuscany and visit some of the fabulous walled Italian cities
46-Finish exploring the northeast coast of Spain and southern coast of France
47-Go look at the architecture in Seville
48-Visit Belgium and eat some its chocolate
49- Go on one of those art retreats
50- Take a theme vacation-learn to cook Italian food in Tuscany or photograph nature in Africa
My golden rule-
Travel as much as I can for pleasure!!!
Or work- as long as the work is taking it all in and not being shut up in a convention center!
You never know where an opportunity can take you.
quit job travel
Time to get going on some more of these places, don't you think?
Actually, I am lucky, I have traveled quite a bit, but then I'm not sure it is all luck. You have to just do it if you want to do it. I waited until my 40's to really start traveling, took a few trips before that but I was brought up being told that only rich people travel so it was always about going only when you have extra money. But then I had a moment of realization watching people get old and sick and realizing that life isn't infinite  and if you want something, you just got to do it.  But mom, you were wrong! The only rich part about travel is what you become when you do travel. You can travel without having tons of cash- you just need to prioritize your expenses so you can make it work-  you need to be flexible about where you are going, and you can't expect  high class super luxury trips-but who needs that? It is seeing things and tasting new cultures and meeting people and seeing what the world is all about.
Where do you want to go?
Come back soon and see you another day!

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