Sunday, April 7, 2013

What a Day!

Yesterday was quite a day. I started some spring cleaning- after a bad allergy attack Thursday night where half my face puffed up and I could barely open one eye-figured it was time to take the curtains down and wash the dust out of them, vac behind the couch and the other furniture...I was going to do all this in a couple of weeks when I was on break but this way it was one less little project to do then.
So as I was doing this I got a phone call from the hubby Dave that he had gotten in an accident. He thought he had totalled his truck when he hit a tree.

What a mess! He hit a tree on the road into his mother's place- it is  a narrow dirt road through the woods- a private road along a lake. He needed to turn her water back on so she could move back in since she shuts her whole house down and moves out for the winter. He brought our dog with him, and the dog gets so excited going into her place that he hopped into Dave's lap and lost control at 20 miles per hour and hit a big old tree right on the edge of the road.
Luckily no one was hurt, him or the dog.
So once we wrapped that up we went and had some lunch and then Dave decided it was going back to his mother's, so we followed him Here's the tree he hit.
You can see the bits and pieces of his truck on the ground.
Then we took a trek down to his mom's place, just to see how the ice on the lake was doing.
It was super cold and windy yesterday, not at all like spring- and only like 31 degrees. You can see the ripples in the small patches of open water.
You can see she still had some snow on her driveway too.
Of course I had to come home and finish my cleaning and hang some curtains.
What a day!
How was your Saturday? Did anything exciting happen to you?

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