Monday, October 19, 2015

I Love Backgrounds-Even if They Are Just Backgrounds

 Monday again-already! I had a nice relaxing weekend-and my house got cleaned which it really needed! Even got my clothes changed over( I pulled out all the winter things)-and I finally cleaned up all the piles in my bedroom that that process entails!
Today I am taking the day off from work because my husband needs to go back to the specialist about his kidney issues, and I am going as the second set of ears and also because he says I am much better at speaking doctor talk than he is. Keep your fingers crossed we get some good news!

So recently I broke down and bought the BIG Gelli plate, the one I have been looking at and thinking I would like for quite a while. My local craft store is going out of business  (oh no, that leaves only the big box stores...) and I figured I might as well pick it up while I could get it without paying shipping costs. 
So the other day I finally tried it, and I will say, I wish I had just broken down and paid for this first off. I love the big size. 

I tired printing on some brown work paper. I though I could use this as pieces in a background since this paper is so light weight it would never work for a background itself.

 I think it will work.
And I played with this Dyan Reavely leaf stencil on a piece of map paper. I used a striped textured paint  roller to run over the wet paint and it came out looking kind of like a wood block print.
 And I like  those leaves in black onto top of a printed background.

I tried something different. I left the edge of the stencil as a box on the page and I like the way it looks.
 And over printing with gold paint and a mask.
And I even printed onto some tissue paper that some shoes had come in.
I like the wrinkles in it.
 Pages for Halloween.
 Pages that look like a nice warm blanket for this cold day.
Pages I can use for Christmas.
Pages and pages and pages!

So much fun!
Hope it wasn't too boring of a post.
And hope your week starts off in a good way!


Susan said...

These are fabulous! I love my Gelli plate but make such a HUGE MESS whenever I do it. I try to do lots of papers so they will last me, but it is such fun, isn't it?

Corrine at said...

Great grouping, some amazing textures from the leftovers of painting sticking to the plate. The "framed" box looks great. I think for me, the joy is that it's a free creative session, no rules, just go for it. Wonderful making. xox

Nancy Chan said...

I think I prefer the leaves pattern. Have a wonderful day!