Thursday, October 1, 2015

October is Here

Wow-October! Things around here are really starting to look like fall.

 I don't know what these wild turkeys have to do with fall but they crossed my path on the way home. Maybe they get me thinking about Thanksgiving.

 Some people are putting out their Halloween decorations early. I guess it is like people who barely finish Thanksgiving dinner and start putting up Christmas decorations.
I think the demonish creature hanging from the tree is pretty spooky.
 And even more mushrooms.
The seasonal change is pretty exciting. Like the spring change is too.  

Today's journal page is another one of my kids dream series. I was making a lot of them a few weeks ago. Now I've moved onto to some other projects like my Halloween book. Should have some photos to show you soon.
So if you can't read my journaling it says:
"She-she's family expected her to be a debutante and marry well in her own station. But She-she dreamed of the circus and riding a bare back elephant."
I had this pack of TH found relative cards on my work table (always makes me use them when they are staring at me) and I've used up the children's photos on several pages. This little girl looks so dressed up and probably a little bit spoiled with that fur neckline, that I gave her a kind of silly name and had her dream of something not too fancy but more fun. Plus the dog on that card is too cute. I finally used this elephant die and stamp I have had forever in my stash. I almost put it on eBay this summer (when I started to de-stash and clean-of course I  haven't finished--- yet!) but then didn't list it because I might need it, someday. Sure enough I did need it. It also came with this little elephant word stamp which made a great upper and lower page border too.
Now I probably won't use anything to do with elephants for another 5 years, right?
That's all for me today. Thanks for stopping by!


Blogoratti said...

Wonderful photos and cool journal page indeed.

Valerie-Jael said...

What a fun journal page, love the text and the style, love it all! Wonderful photos, Autumn is really on its way. Great shot of the wild turkeys, we don't have them over here. Have a lovely day, hope you are feeling better, Hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your pages is beautiful - super text and so much going on ...makes me happy!
And also your wonderful autumnal photos make me happy!