Friday, October 2, 2015

Is a Page Without Words Naked?

Happy Friday everyone!  Another busy week is winding down. Friday means it is once again time for Paint Party Friday! Thanks again to Kristen and Eva for hosting.
I've started playing with Halloween themed pages. I've made a journal using an old book. 
Ignore how this photo of the cover is really crooked. The light isn't so great either, but we've had clouds and rain and by the time I get into the studio the shadow have fallen. The cover has a bit of a shine to it in real life, which isn't helping me photograph it either.
Oh the dilemmas.
I think (my) poorly photographed piece looks so amateurish and take away from the piece.
(Tell me it isn't so, Tell me I am being too self-critical right now. )
Bare with me please.
The cover is painted and stenciled and has a Gelli print added to it, along with some die cuts and this cool metal door plate that  is newly out from Prima. I thought it would work perfect for this cover as it looks old and a bit worn.  Like my cover. You can add wrinkled to the list of traits about this cover, but  I love that about it. Like some old big well used book.

And over at Art Journal Journey the new theme for October is Architecture.  This month's guest hostess is Sheila.  So here's my first link up over there, with my Halloween book twist...
The haunted house!
After I took this top photo I added a few little cut out stars as you can see in this close up.
And if a line isn't straight or there's a little dab of paint outside of a window, oh well. It is a haunted house and meant for fun.

Not sure if I want to add any words to this page. A page without words always looks a bit naked to me.
What do you think?
Part of me also thinks I needs something in a window or two.  I want it to be unique and not any more typical Halloween than it already is.  But then I say it looks pretty standard Halloween already so just go for it and put in something. Oh the dilemmas! Ha-ha!
It is my first page in the journal, and I am trying to establish my ideas and get a direction of what I actually want to do with it. Do I want a specific theme? Do I just want to make pages? I have this idea in my head of a theme-My Nightmares. Although right now I have only decided that I want to play with things in my stash and have some fun.
Probably best to stick with that!
And I am joining Elizabeth and Bluebeard's second on the second.
Keeping with the Halloween theme I have going today. here's a page from an older altered book.
Not much on my weekend agenda, at least right now. How about you?
Be sure to stop by and check out some great artwork at both Art Journal Journey and Paint Party Friday. Hope its been a good week, and that you have a good weekend ahead too.


Valerie-Jael said...

Fantastic work, love the cover and the haunted house, beautifully spooky, and thanks for joining us again at Art Journal Journey. Don't be so critical of yourself, your work always looks GREAT! Happy PPf, Hugs, Valerie

sheila 77 said...

Your Halloween book cover is suitably spooky, looks very good to me. There's a lot of depth in your painting on it.
Your haunted house is great! Clever idea for the theme. I like the way the door is just open, beckoning us in, and the way the windows are all lit. Fabulous!
Some people think a journal page should have words, and that's fine, but I am not one of them, sometimes the art can say it all, or alternatively leave it to our imagination.
What an imaginative start to your Halloween book, a super artwork for the theme.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Erika, I want to begin by saying I am SO glad you joined us for Second on the 2nd, but your link goes to (sort of) my blog. You can change the link by clicking on the trash can which only you can see (not me) and having the post go to your blog.

The AJJ piece you created is super. I am so impressed and I love the theme of Halloween, which I know you love. Like you, I don't always find a need to add words to art I create in an altered book or journal. I like your entry just the way it is.

I also like that "old" book cover. It is fantastic, and I'm so intrigued by the new door plate. It looks like something I need for my Houses AB. This is wonderful.

As for your second look on the 2nd, I am so thrilled to see the art you chose. I adore the drips of what I'm sure must be blood. It sparkles. Thanks for joining with your second look on the 2nd, and please don't forget to change the link.

sirkkis said...

Stunning scary pieces. Maybe the last one is my favorit...
Have a wonderful weekend, Erika xx

Krisha said...

Your link, over at E's brings you right back to The Altered pages, but I found you anyway....LOL

LOVE all the Halloween pages. I don't always put words on my journal pages.......some just don't need a title or a sentiment/quote.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

First of all... the frontcover is superb! If it is more fab in real than it must be!
The first page is super... so much going on round this scary house! I love all the patterns and the tape with the skulls is so funny!
No - not always is text required I think.
Here is no text needed. And the windows are goos as they are .
The older page is super as well- great layering with the blood!
Thank you for your first fantastic entry in october to Art Journal Journey dear Erika - happy PPF - happy Second Look on the Second-

and I wish you a relaxing weekend!


pearshapedcrafting said...

Had trouble linking via Elizabeth's blog so you might like to check your link!
I love your Architecture page, even the skeletons look happy!!!
Your second look is definitely scarier but I love the depth you have created! Have a great weekend, Chrisx

Corrine at said...

You are firmly into the season of spooks, darkness and hidden skellies and those on view. xox

Anonymous said...

Very fun and a great subject of architecture with the haunted house. Your older journal page is also great. The way that the red paint (or wax?) drips down over the number is sheer perfection! :-) Enjoy your weekend!

Neesie said...

Your work looks fabulous to me... very much in the theme of things.
That haunted house looks great. In fact they all look fantastic so pat yourself on the back.
Happy Halloweeny PPF to you

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Fantastic. I think the art page speaks for itself. Wonderful.

bellefrogworks said...

Wonderful work. Love the haunted house. I think you should put something in a couple of the windows. Maybe something you wouldn't expect to see like someone waving or pastel flowers in a vase? Love it just the way it is though

Giggles said...

I love Halloween so you have me at the get go!! As for the photography I notice many of the licensed artist always photograph on an angle... so it can't be copied and replicated!! Wonderful pages!! Really fun....SPOOKTACULAR!!

Hugs Giggles

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Awesome cover. Truly like all the layers. Perhthe haunted house is perfect as it is. Perhaps the word you want to add will come to you later. Often things come at their own time ,not ours. Great second on the second journal page. Love the dripping blood.

Indira said...

Deliciously spooky! I love all of them.

Jeannette said...

loving your pages,all so awesome zhings of halloween,love so much.

oxo jenny