Monday, October 12, 2015


Good Monday to all of you. Another week is starting up, already! And we are almost into the middle of October, already too!
Here's another architecture page I am linking up to Art Journal Journey. This month is the guest host is Sheila at Orange Esmeralda.  This page is different from my usual pages. I felt like I was back scrap booking when I made it. Instead of a photo I added these 3 awesome stamped images from Crafty Individuals.  I also used this stone ornament stamp that I had. 
I made the background by spray inking the page. When I sprayed the silver it just left some blobs, which ran to form this tree like image on the left hand side of the page.  I used a crackle stamp to add a bit of texture to the spray spots. I decided just to leave the background simple so the black and white stamped images would really pop off the page. I added a  couple of small die cut images that were laying around on my work space.

I think ruins are some of the most interesting architecture around. 
Not that we have a lot of them here, not like some places in the world.
So yesterday I was pretty lazy, but I did manage to take a walk. It was a gorgeous afternoon. The leaves are really pretty right now.

I think today I am off to take a fall foliage road trip with my daughter. Once she wakes up I will know better if she is still up to it.
I haven't take a leaf peeper trip for a long time! Looking forward to it so I hope she still wants to go.
Got to do something fun since we don't get that many Monday holidays.
Hope your week is starting off in a good way!
Thanks for stopping by!


Valerie-Jael said...

Great post, love the speckled background, and the lovely architectural stamps you used, and the quote - just wonderful all round. Fantastic photos, too, a really good post again. Have a nice day, hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh wow.. that background, that images ...that quote!
Fabulous and I love love love the foliage .. hope your daughter wanted to do the tour with you.. I am sure you will show us much more such fantastic photos after the trip!
We have great colours in the foliage here just now as well but I can't make photos , when I walk the dogs it is not really handy for me to take the camera with me... the dogs must be watched the whole time and if I take photos I don't care enough what they do. And without the dogs I seldom walk for my own----
Thank you very much for such a fantastic page for Art Journal Journey Erika!
I hope you enjoyed your free Monday... I did housework the whole day ..boring.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm with Valerie. I love that background. The way the inks ran made it so interesting. I've never seen ruins, not really, really old ones, anyway. There's an old church that was in decay that I happened upon on a road trip once, but that church was probably not even 100 years old at the time. You have used some wonderful stamps to achieve the effect you were looking for.

You are SO lucky. The leaves here turn from green to brown. We aren't in an area where the leaves turn yellow, orange, and bright red like in your area. I SO look forward to seeing more. I adore the ones you shared today. BTW, ours are still green here. It's still HOT in KS, with 90 + F here yesterday.

You asked if I've made art in my 7 Continents (7-C) altered book from Europe. I have some pages from Paris, Spain, and Russia, although I'm not sure all of the Russian pages are in Europe. One I believe is in Asia.

Speaking of Asia, I have an entire Asian AB, and lots of added pages for the 7-C AB , too. I have several spreads from Mexico, Africa, and a few from Antarctica. It all started with a tip-in swap I hosted in 2004 through 2005, and it has grown from there. Not sure why I decided on So America, but it's the first continent I decided to work on after I sorted and segregated (in 2014) all the images I've collected since forever (even before the swap in 2004-5). Thanks for asking.

sheila 77 said...

Yes, something different today, I had to double check that it was you.
Fantastic background and I liked reading how you made it, that makes it more interesting. I like the way you have left lots of empty (super backgound) space, it focuses the images well.
I enjoyed your autumn photos too.
Thanks for another great entry for AJJ, glad you are enjoying the theme.

Jeannette said...

wow,what a wonderful page,love the ruins and georgus backround,loved this,so great.

hugs jenny