Tuesday, October 20, 2015


A couple more views from my Halloween journal today. It is looking and feeling so much like late October (which it is, isn't it?) that I have really been in the spooky play mood.

This top page is made with lots of pieces laying around on my work table. The background is some tissue paper that came with shoes, which I  Gelli printed. Those black slashes on the paper are great! (And even better with the skulls and orange dots I added.)
The black die cuts and hand cuts I made back when I did some solar printing, and the tickets are left over from a 50-50 challenge my husband participated in.  Then I went plain old silly and added those little doodlely eyes, rolly eyes- or whatever you call them.
Ha-ha, makes me smile.
And here's a second page, with a bit more of a busy background. That is why I added the words, to help congeal the page.
 The stars are some fabric cut outs which I painted and then smeared white glitter glue all over!  I think they have a fun sparkle and sheen you can see in the photo.
I also used the scraps from the same Gelli printed tissue paper ( as in the top piece) around the border of the page to cover up some blank space.

So yesterday we went to see my husband's kidney specialist in Boston.  The hubby made out quite well yesterday. The doctor said his antibody levels were just part of a normal wobble, and although the transplant can't be next month because they are a bit high, Hopefully it won't be too far off in the future-maybe in 3 months though, which isn't that far off.
I am very relieved.
And happy! I can actually feel the weight of that worry come off my shoulders.

Otherwise, back to work. It is not suppose to be as cold today, a little less of a reminder of the on-coming winter. Yesterday morning we had our first hard frost and gardening is over and done with now!

I like the muted colors and amount of grey in these photos, which I took yesterday late afternoon on my back deck.
Enough for today. Got to go get ready for work!
Thanks for stopping by.
And have a great day!


Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful Halloween pages, really spookily gorgeous, and great photos of the plants. But the very best thing today is the news that your husband will be able to have his transplant, even if you need to wait a bit. Hugs, Valerie

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Even in the decay the gardens still have beauty. Nice spooks flying about in your world. xox

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Great Halloween pages Erika! Fantastic autumnal images - and I am glad to hear that the transplant got green light!♥♥♥

Nancy Chan said...

It is good to know that your husband is progressing well and the transplant will be soon. Even the plants are preparing for autumn!