Monday, June 27, 2022

More Fish for AJJ

 Hi everyone. Happy new week to you.

Before I show you my fish art, let me share the first fish caught this season when my husband and I went fishing this past Friday on my husband's boat. After yours truly caught him/her, we put the fish in the boat's wet well for a few minutes, mainly so Maddie and Pete could watch him swim around. The dogs are really fascinated by that, and I think they could sit for an hour just watching fish swim.  Then my fish went back into the ocean to spend some more time swimming, eating and growing bigger.

And if you aren't familiar with a wet well, when you turn it on it pumps in ocean water and keeps recycling it through so you can keep fish or other ocean creatures alive.

And eeeew, the boat looks so dirty.

OK the fish  is just a tiny pollack,  but at least I caught something, which was more than my husband did. Well he did hook onto a lobster buoy, but that doesn't count as even if there was lobster in the trap, you legally can't take them. Smile.

Today I want to share  some more pages from my Little Book of Fish. I hope you're not too bored with my little journal project  yet, but if you are, this is the last views from my mini project.  I am linking these up to Mia's fish challenge at Art Journal Journey. There's still a couple more days to join in if you're interested. 

A fun fish stencil and a black Sharpie on a page is all that was needed.

A fish from my old classroom poster (left), some fish images off of a collage sheet (that I copied first) and a green fish from the old aquarium book I had,  make up the images on this spread. I used my "just keep swimming" stamp on the left hand side, only I put some tape over the "just keep" words while I inked it. Then I could pull off the tape and only the swimming word would stamp. I also created a border on the left side with a piece of aquarium book page and some washi tape.

On this next page I used the fish stencil and the same stamping technique to get the word swimming. I also added this chipboard fish. I inked them orange and doodled on the details. I also included a little sticky gemstone dot for the eye and as well as adding some thin washi tape to both pages. 

And then there's this page that is a little different from the rest. I added a bit of paper (do you remember 7Gypsies supplies?), some stenciled gesso, some glitter glue as well as some little sticky gemstones. Finally I stamped the quote, and then went over it with a black marker since it didn't stamp very dark.

I hope you enjoyed  not only all of the fish, but my little book that I've been sharing all month. I have one more fish post before we wrap up June, but this is the last of my Little Book of Fish. If you can't tell, I really enjoyed this fish challenge. Thanks Mia for this fun topic.

Hope you're having or have a great day!


kathyinozarks said...

How fun that you caught a fish, I need to try fishing again. I am not comfortable in a boat usually-don't know how swim, but I plan to get over that fear once the dock is finally finished and Larry can get out more.
I am still in love with your fish journal. and love your latest pages
Happy new week-hugs Kathy

David M. Gascoigne, said...

I was unfamiliar with a wet well, Erika, and it really seems like a great addition to a boat. I haven't held a fishing rod in many years, but my oldest grandson was an avid bass fisherman for a few years, even entering tournaments when he was only fourteen, but he seems to have moved on to more passive pursuits, and has become a dedicated, skilled birder. As you might imagine I am happy about that! Hugs from Ontario - David

R's Rue said...

So cute my friend.

DVArtist said...

I miss fishing. Fun to watch this one. So much fish art and I am loving all of it. Have a great day.

Rostrose said...

Dear Erika,
your Little Book of Fish looks great - a collection of creative ideas that you have implemented in a very pretty and appealing way. I love art journals like this. (Mine isn't nearly as extensive and professionally laid out.)
Nice that you had a way to keep the little fish alive and the dogs could still watch it :-)
All the best,
PS: Thanks for visiting my blog!

nwilliams6 said...

Wow, Erika, you have been busy with the fish pages! I can't decide on a favorite but probably the first one if forced. Great pages! Hugz

craftytrog said...

Your fish pages are beautiful Erika. I really like that stencil and how you used it.

Meggymay said...

I loved the photos of the dogs watching the fish Erika, In the 90's we had to take out the garden pond as the dog at that time used to try and catch the fish, we couldn't keep her out of it even in winter.
More great pages in your fish album.
Yvonne xx

Jeanie said...

I did NOT know what a wet well was! Thank you for that. And once again (I know, from the department of redundancy department) I am loving your fish journal -- it's fabulous and today's pieces are no exception.

Divers and Sundry said...

We always fished in lakes when I was little, but the fish big enough to keep were strung up and dropped over the side. I can close my eyes and smell the boat smells :)

Your boat is a much different experience!

Neet said...

Interesting to know about the wet well, what a good idea - all boats should have them. I love your fish and think you should be proud you caught "it". Made me smile how the dogs like to watch the fish.
Now your pages - love the stencilled fish. Love the ebackground you used for them, so simple but so effective.
The collage page is lovely and that poster from school has come in very useful hasn't it. Love the collage sheet, you could even chop them up and use them to make into mail art.
The orange fish on the next page look great amongst those black stencilled ones and I do like the different lines you have created.
Yes, I remember 7 Gypsies, this final page is different but I like how you composed it and the glitter works so well with that fish at the bottom.
Have a great weekend
Hugs, Neet xx