Friday, June 7, 2013


I love this view of life.
It is all I want to do too, 
well throw making art in there too.
Can't forget my family
and my critters...
did I mention this summer I am taking 2 trips.
One in July with my family and
one in August through school.
I guess I am super-duper lucky getting to go on 2 trips this summer!
In July, my family and I are going to the Four Corners Region of the USA.
It should be fun.
I have always wanted to go there.
See Monument Valley-which is on my list.
And Mesa Verde.
That's on my list too.
It will be me, the hubby and the 21 year old daughter.
I am very excited she is coming BUT
it should be interesting since she is 21
and at that age when she is independent but not so much that she doesn't like to think she's smarter than we are.
She's very bright
But not as smart as her mom or dad.
Not yet at least.
I am glad to spend a week with her without the boyfriend and friends being around.
Get her like when she was a little girl.
We get to be our little 3-some family again
on the road
like we used to do a lot.
In August I am going with 10 or 11 teachers on an immersion trip to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.
We are meeting after school today at a local Mexican restaurant to get a little bit ready for the trip.
I don't speak a word of Spanish.
And this trip will earn me 3 graduate level credits at one of our local universities.
It will be my first group trip without my family.
It will be my first trip to Central America.
It will be my first trip where I am going as a class-to learn things.
I will stay in my first hostel and live with a family for 4 nights.
I am excited but I will admit
a little nervous too.
And it will be crazy HOT.
The good thing is that the trip is covered by my staff reimbursement at work, so other than spending money, it will be reimbursed.
Like a free trip.
How could I not go?
I think this trip will help me decide if I want to travel as part of a class again in the future.
It will teach me more about me  too,
since I won't have the comfortable family fall backs.
I know most of the people going, and my good friend from work is going.
She and I are both biology teachers and we will geek out I am sure with all the rainforest and critters we find.
Nice to have that little comfort on this,
my first adventure educational trip.
So that's what I did. I signed up for this trip, paid my deposit and now, I am on the go list!
So are you taking any adventures this summer?

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Anita Houston said...

What a fabulous post!!! I love reading all the quotes too, and your Art is just stunning! The beach scenes are amazing!!!!! Fabulous work!