Saturday, June 29, 2013

10 Things Saturday- a Travel Question???

Here's a question and challenge for you.  See if you can answer this in one sitting.

What are 10 places you'd like to visit that you haven't ever or recently visited in an area no more 100 miles around your home?  
You know, play tourist in your own backyard, so to speak.
I live in eastern New Hampshire, at the base of the Lakes Region and the top of the Seacoast. So here's my places.

1- I have never been to the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester. And I really would like to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House.

It may not be Falling Water or one of his famous prairie homes but I've never been to a Frank Lloyd Wright home and I want to see what all the fuss is about.

2-Explore Newcastle. 
New Castle, the only town in NH composed entirely of islands, covers approximately 500 acres (.8 square miles) and serves as a scenic residential and recreational community.  New Castle was founded in 1623, chartered in 1679, and incorporated in 1693 during the reign of William and Mary.  Today, in addition to a residential population of slightly more than 1,000, it is home to the New Castle Common recreational park, Wentworth-by-the-Sea Hotel, a UNH marine research laboratory, a Coast Guard station, and Fort Constitution and Fort Stark state parks.
I've driven through here once or twice in all the years I have lived in this area, and it is always like traveling far away. It is so quaint and crowded and so old fashioned. I want to actually visit the lighthouse at Fort Constitution.

Visit this state park-the Wentworth Coolidge Mansion. After boating past this for several years and not knowing what it was, I learned about 10 months ago what it was. Need to figure out how to drive here,  it is in Portsmouth and I am not sure exactly how I get out to this spot. I have an idea how to get there, but want to check it out. Looks pretty cool.

Find the hiking trail to the cave in the town I live in.  The cave is called Devil's Den, and people talk about it but I have never been there (I've lived in this town 24 years) and am not exactly sure how to get there. Just a little bit of an idea how to find it. Maybe this will be the summer I do.

Drive route 153 through Wakefield, Sanbornville.  I have been on part of this road, and the part I have been on is very very pretty. It is even listed in the National Geographic Scenic Byways book as one of the to do road in New Hampshire. 
It isn't very far from home either, so one of these days I must drive it.

Find this sign in Maine.
I believe it is in Lyncheville, Maine. I measured it out; it is 82 miles away from my house.
Found a few other interesting road signs in Maine while searching for this one. I will have to explore them some more and report back.

How about a revisit, since a big change. 
Our state symbol is the Old Man in the Mountains.
Can you make out the face?
Well 10 years ago in April the face collapsed and fell off? As you can imagine, it was a sad day in this neck of the woods.
But I haven't been back since that happened, haven't traveled that far north in my state.
I'd like to drive by and see what is there now, now that our state symbol is gone.

Pitsburg, New Hampshire
Not the big city in Pennsylvania, but the northern most town in the State of NH.
My family used to vacation there pretty much every year when I was a kid so my dad could go fishing.
I haven't been there since I was probably 18.
It would be cool to check it out again, not for a full vacation but for a view.
See if there's still a lot of moose on moose alley- Route 3 which in the very top of the state and travels in Quebec.
OK, just checked the mileage and this doesn't work, but I am leaving it anyhow. This list is pretty hard to do.

Casco Bay Islands
I love Portland, Maine a lot. It is a little over an hour away.
And I would love to explore Casco Bay that services the city.
I have never been out on any of the islands, though I did go fishing once out on the bay.

BoothBay Harbor, Maine.
This may be a little more than 100 miles limit too, not sure, but I have never been here and I have heard it is pretty and quaint. And I love the Maine coast, a lot, probably my most favorite place to visit.

What's on your agenda this weekend?
We're supposedly in for rain and clouds-
I am motivating myself to work on some more decluttering of my house, which
at the moment is a mess!
Hoping I get some of my bedroom floor put in.
Wouldn't that be GREAT? Since the floor has been sitting in my basement since last August.
Will let you know if that happens next week.

Happy Saturday.

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