Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Vacation Starts

Today is the best day of the summer.
No matter what-well, I can think of a few exceptions but for the most part
no matter what.
The best day of summer.
That is because it is the first day of summer vacation and it means there is a HUGE possibility of what lies ahead.
Kind of true about every day of your life.
Anyhow, I love it!
Summer vacation!

Anyhow, how about some art to view.
A splotchy colorful journal page. I made my own circle and dotty stencil and sprayed it several times with different colors. What I ended up with is a color explosion.
Then I had all these pink die cut flowers laying all over my work table which I decided would summer up the page.
The die cut words are from Sizzix and I cut those just for this page because I decided it needed a main title.
Then I added these side words. I had a lot to say that day. It was a busy one- a Friday, the last day for the kiddos at school, the start of summer, the date itself.
Finally I die cut this little butterfly and added it just to finish off the page.
Oh yeah-
and I added a bit of stitching, which this photo doesn't really show.
Actually, the colors aren't are true to life on the butterfly and the the title- they are light blue on the page, not in the photo.
Oh well.
So what am I going to do on the first day of my vacation?
Not quite sure except I have to drop off my dog to get groomed so he'll feel silky and smell yummy.
(Not that he will think that! Poor guy!)
But whatever I do,
it will be great.
Have a great day whatever you do too.

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SAMARA said...

i hear you Erika! And i totally agree. i love having my 15 year old at home. family!!!! this page is completely wonderful. i love all the elements and that you have combined both scrapbooking style elements and the mixed media elements. just wonderful! love and hugs.