Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Some photos from my weekend!
It was a busy one.
It was a very hot and humid weekend.
What was I thinking about when I signed up to go take a course for 10 days in Costa Rica in August?
Not sure I'll be able to stand the heat.
I couldn't stand it here this weekend with temperatures in the 90's and even 100 on Friday. Thankfully right now we are having some storms and it is cooling off.
2 mornings working at the lake. I am glad I don't have to do it on a regular schedule all summer but I do like that job. I enjoyed my time there. Dave brought me breakfast both mornings.
Am enjoying this book a lot. I want to go back to Florence and visit Venice where I have never been.
You can see my dog Harley laying behind the book- he came for a ride with Dave when he brought me breakfast.
Boat's back in for the season. We went out Saturday afternoon and evening. Was wonderful to be out on the water again.
This photo above is NOT our boat but a fishing boat and view we pass in Portsmouth, NH.
Went fishing and caught a bunch of mackerel. Practice my filleting, not very good at it yet but I am still learning.
Made a delicious meal out of half of them for dinner tonight.
Portsmouth Headlight right here.
Out past here the temperatures cooled off and it was great- but when we motored back in we hit this wall of heat.
Here's a long skinny photo! Lots of sailboats, they were quite a ways off. But so pretty to watch.
And here's a view of part of Newcastle, NH.

And another cool lighthouse.

Not suppose to be so hot tomorrow and I hope this week is a bit cooler. It's the last 5 day week for seniors and normal 5 day uninterrupted teaching week for everyone else. Next week I have senior exams and lose a lot of kids from 2 of my 3 classes. Plus graduation assemblies. Then the following week I need to wrap up and everyone else has their final exams. 
That's a good thought since it has felt so much like summer I am not really wanting to go to work tomorrow!
But off I will go.
Hope you're week starts out great and
thanks for visiting.

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