Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Monday

Already! Yawn.  We are getting to the end of quarter/semester at school. Another couple of weeks. Busy planning on wrapping up all the curriculum I need to still cover.
The weekend was great-quiet but productive. I never left the house. Got a good amount done in my studio cleaning/reorganizing...still a mess but you can see some improvement! Yahoo!!! Also read quite a bit and made some yummy brownies from the Fat Witch Brownie cookbook. My kind of weekend, not getting out of my sweatpants all weekend. Wish I could spent today like that too...but we're off next Monday for the Martin Luther King Holiday.
So here's a few pages from a project from last summer that I never managed to show you. It was a book with my view on being an American...kind of a historical view, a 4th of July celebration.
Here's the cover page. I used one of those old fashioned paper bags for paper. The stamps are Oxford Impressions and some tiny typewriter stamps I've had forever that I love but not sure who made and I think the stitching edge is from Autumn Leaves or maybe Gelatins. Not sure which off the top of my head.
A spread from the book. I used an old map for the paper and trimmed it with some great cloth trim at the top. I used stamps from Artistic Outpost, Stampotique and who ever made the Boston baked beans the the Golden Gate Bridge stamps. The USA letters are some cardboard stickers.
Here's the right page upclose. I love this couple from  Stampotique and the Artistic Outpost Roadtrip stamps.
Here's the left page viewed up close. As you can tell, I distressed the map with brown ink too. And the Roadtrip Adventure stamp is on I've had forever from PSX. I'll show you some of the book another day but I do want to show you Mr. Happy Cat the other afternoon. He makes me laugh.

Happy Monday Y'all.