Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back with some random photos

Its a COLD Saturday morning, down near the single digits....but it was a good morning to sleep in, so I did. Long big plans...did go out for a glass of wine after work yesterday which I haven't done in AGES and then Dave took me out to dinner so I could have some fish and chips...oh yummy. Plus it was GOOD to break out of my too low key on the couch mode. Tomorrow big Pats game and UMO versus BC in college hockey game so from about 4 on will be a sports night. Good night for munchie foods. Maybe going to IKEA on Monday, but maybe not. All depends on Miss Katie's plans AND the weather. I'm also hoping some dies I orderd from Sizzix arrive today...a bit confused on the FexEx tracking as they say out for delivery but will arrive on 1/18. Hope they come today so I can play a bit over the weekend...along with MAYBE doing some more cleaning up in the studio.  So, loose plans for the weekend...mainly just want to putter, poke and continue to be lazy in my winter hibernation mode.
So today I have some RANDOM photos to show you- unloaded my phone photos the other night and there's a few interesting snaps on there to post...these were mostly taken before the New Year.
At our local lake over Thanksgiving its frozen now.
At the Boston Museum of Science during our December field trip- the photo below that you can stand in 2 places at once.
Boots I saw at Cabella's and the Kittery Trading Post I want for my birthday.
One afternoon right after New Year's, snowy road on my way home from work.
 Most recent photos, the other morning on my way to school...sunrise...the day before our BIG snow. Neither are great shots, considering I was buzzing down the highway and I just snapped quickly.
Anyhow...will be back with some more art photos most likely tomorrow...still a bunch of thigns to show.
Happy Saturday!