Sunday, January 2, 2011

A spring morning

Its a BIG tease, I know, but it is very SPRING like this the 40's and our little bit of snow is melting away. I love it, but know that tomorrow the chill is suppose to return. What should I expect for January in New Hampshire?
Here's my latest read. Its great. I don't know what you know about Julia Child, but she had the MOST FANTASTIC life. If you haven't read My Life in France by her you should, its great. I love the glipse into the 1950's, which is where I am kind of explains why my mom is the way she things were then...and I love the talk about how all these appliances we take for granted were just coming in. Recommended!
Yesterday got the house cleaned aways make the house look HUGE when I get the tree down (and my house is NOT big)...but I do miss the lights. Hard to believe tomorrow my life gets back to speed...back to work...having to get up early...errrr. I'm not looking forward to that.
So last night Dave redboxed the original True Grit with John Wayne so we could compare it to the new version we saw on New Year's Eve. It was good, but definately not quite as gritty, and the girl was treated a bit differently-you could tell little girls didn't have the power (maybe the wrong word) they do now. The guys had to be the guys but she did win them over. I enjoyed it...though I think I prefer the new version-it seems like it would be more realistic and not so cleaned up that Hollywood used to do. Another snap at how the world has changed during my life.
Anyhow, off to the studio today-YEAH!!!!! Hopefully I'll have some new art photos for you VERY soon.