Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday night

Writing this post Monday night though not posting it until Tuesday...not so sure what to expect today as they're saying more SNOW, ice, rain who knows what combination tomorrow-well today-Tuesday-starting as snow-and most likely it will be TERRIBLE driving. Monday was beautiful though-very COLD but the sky was so BLUE and cloudless. Katie and I took off and went to Costco, Trader Joe's and the mall...which was fun...got everything all stocked up and got what we needed to send Katie back to college this upcoming weekend.
So here's some photos for you-
These are hanging off my back bay window.
I love the texture of this BIG one. Much bigger than any of the others. It looks like a backbone.
 And here-caught a drip. Yesterday it was just warm enough for them to melt...a bit.  Got to love it!
So I need to show you a card I made last week too... and since the next holiday is Valentine's Day...that's what you're getting. Ready?
Just plain fun.
No funky backgrounds, no special inks, paints or even trims, tapes or little extras. Just ink, paper, a bit of glue and a bit of red marker. But I lvoe how this came out...just fun as I said before. I stamped the background with an Autumn Leaves journey stamp-as is the explore word. The rocket, planets, stars and star trail are from Technique Tuesday. Fun way to combine travel images with space images-though space is a journey, isn't it? I cut out the heart from red cardtsock and outlined it in red...
Anyhow, well see in the morning what the weather's doing and maybe I'll add a bit more to this post, maybe not. Happy Tuesday!
****Tuesday morning weather update-snow, ice, sleet coming...school is on...will be a terrible drive homwith the timing of this storm, I'm sure...YUK!
Update 2 seconds later-just saw the cancellation-I'm home! Wow-wasn't expecting that. Good- the driving sounds like its going to be a MESS!