Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More of America

Thought I'd show you a bit more of my American Journey book that I started to show you yesterday. The top page is to represent the westward expansion and that mythic period of  our history. I stamped a CHF cheesecloth stamp on each page and stamped clouds (Magenta) on a seperate sheet and after lightly blueing the paper around the cheesecloth I added the cut out clouds. The barbed wire is by Stampotique and the calvary is by Acey Deucy and those got stamped directly on the page. The other images are all stamped, colored and cut out before being added. Some of the Oxford Impression images I stamped on brown paper, to give it a more vintage feel.
The page below is to represent American pride. Stamps are by Artistic Outpost with Hero Arts in the background- both the lines and the stars (stamped those blue polka dot stars on the back side of the blue polka dot paper and then cut them out. The Statue of Liberty (Artistic Outpost) is placed down on some stamped lined notebook paper which I then cut out to make some background paper. I added the Jolee's  flag borders. These 2 pages are at the end of the book, a good wrap up for the other more historical pages. Though I must say I love the retro theme of these Artistic Outpost stamps.
So want to catch the weather to see if we're going to get the BIG storm tonight into tomorrow. Maybe a snow day... tomorrow...on the fence about that...but think I'll get less at home than at work so that is ok with me. Anyhow...happy Tuesday. Stay warm.