Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day-AGAIN!

Yes, its been like a vacation week, and today, it is Friday and I'm off for another day and this one will be a second long weekend in a row. I do love it, BUT, right now we have 3 days to make up in June-yuk, and we still have the rest of January, February and March to get through.
Anyhow, lets start off this post with some various photos. Here's 2 from this morning. Photo 2 makes me think of the Robert Frost poem about the snowy woods.
And here is some photos from yesterday taken with my camera at home and then with my phone on the road.
These first two are out of my back door with my camera. It was a beautiful morning yesterday with some fresh snow that had come down Wednesday night.
 Then this sign was outside of the local hairdressesers yesterday morning. What a great sign. That should be my motto.
 And me in the car-taken by Katie with my Hipstamatic app.
 An on the road-this top on is here in my town with the GLARE and the second one is on the highway on the Northshore of Massachusetts.
 Now we're coming into Boston over the Tobin Bridge. Too bad the railing had to be there photo-wise, though definately good for us on the bridge. Not the greatest photos as I was driving and I had to just hold up the camera and snap...focusing on the road was first prioirty.
 Through the toll and coming into the city:
Shopping cart parkinglot outside of the restaurant. Know where we went yesterday?
 Do the Swedish meatballs help?
 This mousse cake was YUMMY!
 On route 93 north driving back through Boston on the way home. Katie snapped these.
So I am once again lounging and watching last night's Decoded. That's a great show. My ears are for some reason quite blocked up...and I'm feeling broke...too much shopping (though I've cut way back...saving for college is SOOO hard) and bill paying. I am now going into no spending money mode...being sparse...doing without. I want to finish paying off my bills and I want to save a lot of cash. I HOPE I can do it. I'm not very good at it...I have 2 expensive hobbies-art supplies and traveling. Not that I over spend for each, and I find budget items...but I just seem to find things to buy...still seems like I don't get much- money just isn't going that far, but I have time to get reorganized and get back on track...and I'M GOING to...
Anyhow, yesterday was a blast with Katie...glad I took the day. Hope you enjoy my photos and enjoy your "snow day" or sunny day or cloudy day or whatever your day is.