Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm a copycat!

Good morning...well, no morning this week has been good...more like about not wanting to get up. At least it is Thursday...but I could say it is only Thursday.
So today's  art is a piece that could go onto a card...just a flying Pooh I made from a used  foam  stamp that was part of a set I got awhile back off of eBay. I love the original Pooh's...not that I'm a big animated person...and Snoopy from Peanuts is my FAVORITE! One complaint about my photo- the clouds are white, but in the light I took the snapshot they look blue. But they aren't.
Anyhow...its 2 months (from Tuesday) until I turn 51...and while browsing some blogs I remember reading about the things to do before you turn a year older. I swear I did this before (and if I did I want to find it and see what I said)...but I WANT to do it now...things to do before I turn 51...not that I have very much time to complete that, so maybe I'll change my list to new things I want to do in 2011. This being only January 6th its not a bad day to do it. Kind of a copy cat post, but not exactly a copy cat.
2011 WISH list! 
1- Practice my French some more
2-Make ice cream
3-Get my studio clean and organized
4-Clean out under the cellar stairs and get the junk there organized
5-Catch up on my reading
6-Knit a WHOLE sweater
7-Go to the Isles of Shoals
8- Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum in London
9-Learn to use Encaustic Paints
10-Go for 1 whole month without buying any art supplies
11-See Death Valley
12-Go to Canada'a Atlantic Provinces
13-Go dancing with my honey
14-Grow pumpkins in my garden
15-Pick rhubard from my garden and make a strawberry rhubard pie
16-Watch the entire 2 seasons we have of True Blood in one day -and see Season 3
17- Go camping again
18-Finish my summer vacation 2009 scrapbook
19-Make more textile art
20-Do a piece of embroidery
21-Pay off those nagging little credit card balances
22-Get a new Apple computer
23-Keep a visual journal more regulary
24-Knit an Aran sweater
25-Knit Norwegian style socks or mittens
26-Exercise more
27- Replant dill in my garden this year
28-take a class about something I am totally unfamilar with
29-reread the other Jane Austin novels I haven't read in decades
30-be more patient and forgiving with my mom
31- find the box of vintage honeymoon emphemera my mom gave me and make a vintage travel book
32-Take a roadtrip all by myself
33-Eat a fried twinky or fried candy bar
34-Go back to the very northern area of NH where I used to vacation as a kid with my family
35-Go to Montreal
36-Drive across the USA
37-Visit my friends in North Carolina
38-See a hummingbird nest with the eggs in it
39-Get more stamps in my National Park Passbook
40-Be brave and become a paid artist
41-Make cool jewelry using all the metal clay pendants I've made
42-Walk to beach more
43-Get into the sunshine more
44-Take a few more hookey days from work-without the guilt
45-Take one of those DNA tests that tell you where in the world your family roots are from
46-Read a book on my new iPad
47-Swear less
47-Don't waste so much time playing around on the internet
48-Eat more vegitarian
49-Eat at at least 1 restaurant I've wanted to try but haven't yet
50-Be a tourist in my home area
51- Watch a sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mountain,Maine
52-Kayak Merrymeeting Marsh
53-See the ghost at the Portsmouth Lighthouse when we go by in the boat
54-Get a new carpet for my bedroom
55-see life with my heart not my head
56-conquer 1 fear
57-wish on a shooting star
58-add at least 1 new state to my get to all 50 states wish list
59-do something "not me" just to try it (something I would say no to, just do it)-taje advantage of one of those not so sure about opportunities
60-sit in the moonlight and listen to a beautiful song
61-Reread Great Expectations (its still sitting on my night stand)
62-Have a great veggie garden
63-keep the piles of books from building up on my coffee table
64-spend lots of time with friends and family
65-call my "old" college friends more frequently
66- visit my college UMO and get a new t shirt
67-read a few books on my to read list
68-discover more photos to take in my home area
69-eat chocolate and not feel guilty about it
70-and exercise more since I'll be eating chocolate

Have a great day today! Do one thing from your New Year's wish list!