Friday, March 9, 2012

10 Things Friday

Been a couple of weeks since I've done one of these, and I was thinking about a themed list but think I will  postpone that  since this week and this weekend are full of little things to list....
So here we go!
1-The weather has been so nice the last couple of days! Spring is not too far away. (I hope.) The week started so cold-it was only 16 degrees Tuesday morning. But it was 71 when I left work Thursday. We've lost tons of can all go for all I care right now.
2-Tomorrow night we change the clocks-spring ahead. I like having brighter evenings but man this change is a killer when you have to get up in the morning. I don't know why we have to go through this twice a year.
3-Big hockey weekend-hockey east quarter finals. Maine plays at home against Merrimac College-best of 2 out of 3. Last year we played this same combo only Merrimac had a higher standing so we played at Merrimac and they (unfortunately) swept the series. I DO NOT want a repeat!!!
But the good news in a local Boston station is showing the games on tv this weekend-all 3! Yahoo!
4-Katie comes home on spring break today! She is going off for a couple of days on a little get away but will be back on Wednesday.
5-This past week was first week back after vacation-not a bad week but busy at work trying to get back into the groove. It was hard to get up early in the week...typical after vacation since it doesn't take much to get used to sleeping later, especially when you have flown east from the west coast with the 2 hour time change. I am really tired today, but it is Friday!!!
6-On the art front, I've been busy finishing up my trip journal and making some spring cards. That's what been moving me...I find it is better to make what moves me rather than force myself to do something else...especially when I just sit down for a few hours after working all day. But I've had so much fun playing with spring themes and pushing myself to try some new techniques.
7-So far no snow days this year...and I know March isn't over and we could still get a big storm (many years ago we had a year with no snow days until April 1). But I hope not since we will be getting out so early for a switch. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by writing this.
8-I might have an intern next year...she's coming back to spend the afternoon with me. Time to do some feeling her out...and not sure I want an intern and all the extra work...but we shall see. It might break up next year a bit. But this woman is tall and beautiful and when she came in last time she made me feel short, fat and old. Will have to get past that if she does join us next year. Kind of been feeling that way for a month now. Good thing that hibernation mode is over.
9-Worried about my hubby-he's been working a lot lately, stressed out about it all and just plain unhappy. He's got some minor health issues and he needs to prioritize those over work....he needs to work but not run himself ragged.
10-Wow, what an eventful week. It has been exciting since the weather has been so nice and feels springy. Helps getting up and getting out of that winter hibernation mode and I feel so better inside. (Of course having that week away in the better weather helps a lot too). Now if we can just finally get past all the mud seasons we've had this winter!

And for my photos, how about a few more from vacation...
Love these wild poppies!
Love the shadows on the mountains!
And finally, here's a sing you would NEVER see in New Hampshire.
Happy day!

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