Monday, March 5, 2012


Having such a travel hangover I am going to post twice today. I have to show you some of these giant cacti that some of you may be very familiar with but they were a great discovery for me on my travels in southern Arizona.
I found these giant cacti totally fascinating. I did a bit of studying about them and feel like I have connected with them.
Did you know they don't get branches until they are around 75 years old?
They can be as tall as a 4 story building in rare cases?
Real old ones live for about 200 years but most don't live that long.
That a big group of these cacti is known as a cactus forest?
(In this photo I love the dirt road making it feel like old days)

The babies do well if they grow under other trees and you'd call those trees nurse trees. You can see a couple in this photo. They start out as real tiny little cacti the size of your thumbnails.
And when you play in photoshop you can get these cool colors in your desert photo.
Enjoy your day.

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