Friday, March 2, 2012

We're Back

We're home safely from our Arizona adventure. It was quite an adventure too!  Poor Dave got sick with the bug I had (and he was so sick for a day and then dragging for a couple more days), we spent 2 nights in a haunted bed and breakfast, and it really freaked me out the second night when Dave and I were the only 2 in the building...swear I heard someone walking around. We saw lots of cool saguaro cacti...learned some history, did a little shopping  and visited lots of great sights. Plus it was blue skies and most in the 60's for warmth. LOVE IT when I get to wear my sandals.
All and all it was a fantastic week (take away Dave's not feeling so good). Here's a few more photos I took.
We visited this great old Spanish Mission. The inside was phenomenal with LOTS of great hand painted artwork.
I saw lots and lots of planes (didn't know planes could be so artsy) including a bunch that were painted as an art project. Here's one of those.
Here's some interesting street art. There were so many painted cars buzzing around the city of Bisbee.
And I visited this classic science experiment back in the 1980's, Biosphere II.
Drank a few beers and ate some Mexican food.
Of course a few photos can't show you the whole trip. Once I go through my photos I'll show you some more.
Anyhow, I'm glad to be home, and the critters are so happy we're home! Now I have the weekend at home to hang out, get some laundry done and watch what I hope tomorrow will be a great final of the season hockey game with Maine playing our BIG rival school-UNH, where my daughter actually goes. I'm really excited it is going to be shown on NESN and I can watch it.
Of course I came home to a fresh 12 inches of snow that fell Wednesday night and Thursday. I'm glad I wasn't here when it all fell.
But it is now MARCH and that means winter can't last all that much longer.
I'll be back soon with more photos and more art...
Have a great Saturday!

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