Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wild Wild West

Before I post I must say one thing: Hockey East quarter finals, Maine has one win over Merrimack in the firt game in a best of 3 series! Score 2-1! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tonight at 7, game 2 as the series continues!!!!
Ok, now that I have got that off my chest-
One thing I love about traveling is seeing things in person that you've heard about or seen on tv. Living in New England, the wild west is exotic and exciting. Our history in this part of the country is very different-dairy farms not steer cows. Farmers not cowboys. Not sure we had any rustlers. Never mind gamblers and lawless towns and shoot outs. Truthfully, I am not a historian so I am not positive but I don't believe we did. We did have pilgrims and puritans and Revolutionary War battles and anyhow, as I said, life here in New Hampshire is not the wild west.
Anyhow, I love when I get to experience a little bit of American History and some American legend.
Since I am still in vacation mode (and wishing I was far and away), here's some real western photos.

cattle country views
and a ghost town
(Fairbanks, Arizona)

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