Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Few More Photos from Vermont and ETC.

Saturday!!! Kind of a busy weekend for me- I have a lot of holiday decorating to do-including getting and putting up our tree. Seems like that takes a bit, by the time you chop it, get it home and then decorate. Plus, can't forget the cleaning up of the all needles that fall when you move it and the boxes  of ornaments that need to get moved. We have a holiday get together with some friends tonight and tomorrow people coming by for a tv hockey game...busy busy fun.
So today, a few more of my photos from our trip last weekend to Vermont. They're not very exciting, it was very cold while we were there and so I was more bundled up rather than snapping away. Also, I would have loved to gone out driving around looking for some Vermonty pretty photos, but we were with my sister-in-law and her husband  and that kind of changes (not in a bad way) what you end up doing. And, I was dragging with this nasty little cold, so I wasn't really at my highest energy level.
So above photo is looking back onto downtown Burlington from a cove on Lake Champlain.  Can't believe we saw a couple of kayakers out there- it was like 20 degrees with a windchill that made it feel closer to probably 10 degrees.

And I picked up a new craft book- I don't buy many but this one I do like.
It's Julie Fei-Fan Balzar's new book

I have a couple of carving blocks that I bought years ago when I made my last foray into stamp carving, and I was hoping to make a couple to play with this weekend- but not sure that's going to happen with everything else on the agenda.
Hopefully soon.
I love Julie's style-lots of bold colors and designs.
Always inspiring.
So I am signing off, things to do, places to go, fun to be had.
Enjoy your day!

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