Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Just like many of you, sometimes I have to do warm up exercises to get my creative juices flowing. Journaling, finishing up a half done project sitting on on my table, or as I am showing you here, making tags.
Quick little mini-projects that get you rolling and if they end up disasters,
who cares?
I had a hard time getting into  Christmas projects. Now that I am into them, I am on a whirlwind of holiday art craziness. But back before Thanksgiving, it was a tough switch over from fall to glittery holiday fun.
So I took out some tags and some stamps and just played.
I even took one tag I made and added it to a base and made this simple card.

Now I know these aren't these fancy tags- like some of Tim Holtz's mini-masterpieces. But they're not meant to be- their warm up exercises that I am quite pleased with.
So what are your warm up exercises?
I also made another discovery while trying to get into the holiday art spirit this year.
I need a bit of mess.
I had cleaned up my studio after the Halloween blitz and man,
I just found myself frozen.
Like the white page syndrome- which normally I can just make marks on a page and get rolling.
But a clean space...
I had to make a mini mess.
Now I also know that if it gets too messy-
I am just as stuck. Frustration kicks in when I can't find things.
Funny little personal quirk.
Now that I have been on a holiday art bliss,
the mess is HORRIBLE!!!!
I have 2 weeks off at Christmas and I am hoping after the Christmas frenzy wears down, I can CLEAN! PURGE! and get ready for a creative new year.
Do you have any art plans for the new year?
Or maybe any Holiday Projects you're finishing up?
Enough of me chatting.
Have a super day and hope you'll be back soon.

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