Friday, December 27, 2013

Post Holiday Chatter-A Lot of It too!

Happy post-Christmas everyone.
Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday-
if its one you celebrate that is.
I had a fantastic holiday this year-
low stress, lots of laughs, relaxing mostly.
One sad point though-
my sister-in-law with breast cancer was told she has only experimental treatments left-
and was told to do those things she really wants to do.
How can anyone be so brave and hear all that?
Major kudos to her.
I can't even focus on it-it is so sad.
(She is only 50).
So not to get myself all super downer
let me show you a few snapshots from the holiday.
Here's a lovely photo for my mom of her grandchildren.
Butter anyone?
And Katie made this Christmas tree cake to take to my mom's house on Christmas Eve and it slid under the seat and looked more like Mount Crumpet from the Grinch than a Christmas Tree.
But luckily we have a house full of engineers and almost engineers,
and the tree was set right again.

And indulged in.  It tasted quite delicious.
We took a family selfie on Christmas morning.
Although a little crooked on my head- I got a new hockey hat! Yeah. Frozen Fenway and 3 other hockey games are coming up in January.
We has this cute baby visitor- not a rat but a little possum. 
And got this fun photo of the hubby.
And even though we carried on my aunt's tradition of lottery scratch tickets, only Katie won $2. Good thing I never buy them except for Christmas.
And Katie got a warm hat for winter.

And Leo had a fun time with his new toys, boxes and bows.
And Harley just doesn't like any of it once he's eaten his stocking treats and
he retreats outside for some peace and quiet.
So after all the hoopla of Christmas,
Katie and I went out and had a few errands to run-yesterday.
We ended doing some great post holiday shopping-
deals and deals.
Christmas decoration marked down at Target.
Bathrobes, fleece shirts and a new jacket at the LL Bean outlet.
With snow falling all around.
Lots and lots of fun we girls had yesterday.
And this morning the snow was so pretty I had to try out the new camera lens I got from the big jolly guy.
And today I need to clean up the holiday MESS
There are boxes and bows and things all over the house still.
Will leave the decorations up for another week-ish-
but for today
some cleaning
some studio time
some enjoying my vacation.
Can't believe my first week is almost over with.
But things will settle down a bit now that the holiday is over.
I hope!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by and sharing a few minutes of your day with my chatter.

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