Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Cheer

Hey, hey, hey- my holiday vacation starts today. I am very excited, usually vacation starts on the 23rd and goes through Jan. 1- which means basically the whole vacation is celebrating the holidays and then cleaning up before its back to work.  But this year, I am off until Jan. 6th-which is quite exciting.  Feel like I might have some real vacation time.
So to celebrate the holiday and all the good cheer with it
I thought I'd talk about some movies and music and all those things that fill our lives during this season that I love and that you may love too.
(If you're into that kind of thing that is.)

First of all, here's a music CD I just love.
My 22 year old introduced it to me just this past fall-
man she has good jazzy taste.

Kind of Harry Connick, definitely his own style.
One of my favorite albums of the season.
I, being the last to hear about every trendy thing, just discovered him.

And here's an OLDIE but an excellent holiday CD. It has some excellent guest singers too.
Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt, Mel Torme, and others.
Jazzing your way with a little horn through the holidays.
This has been my favorite CD for years, and maybe, just maybe, Michael Buble will replace that, but then-
I guess I can have 2 favorites, right?

Jingle Bells (Album Version)
And here's one I'm thinking of buying off of iTunes. Heard a few selections on Pandora Christmas radio, and I love it. Guess for Christmas I am a jazzy gal, but then
I also LOVE all those Trans Siberian Orchestra.
Product Details
Here's just one of their albums.
What I love about this band is how they mix Rock and Classical music and have these great original pieces as well as some well known traditional songs. They're style. I know you've heard them.
They're version of Carol of the Bells is amazing.

And one of those favorites from my childhood:

Perry Como.
Great smooth voice and holiday cheer.

And for your watching pleasure...
here's an oldie, a classic Christmas film collection.
I think I paid like $9 for this whole set, which is a bargain-
but you gotta love these old films.
And they are old-black and white.
I love looking at the old stylish.  Were people always so dressed up then, looking so sharp?

My favorite from the set is Christmas in Connecticut, an oldie with Barbara Stanwick. Its a fun comedy with a Christmas twist. The first time I watched it I wasn't so sure but this movie caught me hook, line and sinker, as they say.
I also really liked It Happened on 5th Avenue.
That one got me too.

I also am a Bing Crosby fan, even though I guess in real life he wasn't an easy person. Not that I know that for fact, but I've heard that. They talk about being swell and swanky and  having high hats.
1940's slang crazy.
I also like White Christmas, the film, quite a bit. The song is really swell too.

But you probably know all about these films.
They aren't anything hidden in the archives of lost holiday movies.
Just like Its A Wonderful Life.

Everybody knows this movie I bet.
Now that's a really well made movie and a great story.
When I finally watched it  several years ago I was amazed.
for a couple of more modern and enjoyable silly and maybe even dumb flicks
totally fun though-
but silly works sometimes.

That squirrel in the Christmas tree is my daughter's nightmare.

Hey, we are all kids at Christmas, aren't we?

So that's what on my mind today. What have you been watching or listening to?
Maybe not even holiday related.

Hope to have you stop by again soon.
Enjoy your Saturday.

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