Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Need to share this youtube video from it is just awesome and amazing. He is known as the Lion Whisperer, and from this video you can sure see why. Hope my link works, never linked a video before. One of the kids showed this to me at school yesterday and I am so amazed . If you're an animal lover you will probably think this is pretty cool too.
What a heart and soul this guy has,
and how lucky is he to have such experiences.

And yesterday, besides our late day snow, look what my car thermometer registered on my way to work in the morning.
(Yes it was yesterday, the 17th-my date on my dash is 2 days off)

So now down to business,
how about a couple photos of my gingerbread house?
I baked it before Thanksgiving in a silicon mold I have.
Makes it really easy to make the house. Then Sunday after we cleaned up from our first snow I went out and assembled the pieces. That is the hardest part I think. Waiting for the frosting to harden up to put the roof on.

Now I need to decorate- the FUN part! Hope to get to that soon, and will show you the results once its finished.
Have a big bag of assorted candies to make it look jolly and holly and very Christmasy.
That's all I have for today.
Hopefully no delay of school because if so, my field trip to the Boston Aquarium gets canceled and I really want to go.
Stay warm and be cheery.
Thanks for visiting.

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