Saturday, December 14, 2013

What Do You Want for Christmas?

I know Christmas isn't about getting- its about giving. 
But if everyone is giving,
I might be at the end of a little bit of gift getting.
But seriously,
I am not all about the getting-
but if I could go pick out 10 gifts for myself
here's what I'd get.
(So Santa Man, if you're reading this,
1. Some water brushes so I can fill them with ink to paint with.
These things are so pricey you have to ask Santa for them.
Ranger Tim Holtz Six-inch Water Brush with Detailer Brush Nib

2. Some pretty smart wool socks. It gets cold here in New Hampshire and I need to keep my toes warm.
Time to replace the worn heels and toes.

3. Some new Le Crueset dishes. They don't get very good reviews, but I'd like to try a couple since they are so pretty...and if they're good, I'll get some more later on.

4.On a real  WISH list, and not expected, but my old Nikon (so sad) is having a few difficulties and I want and need a new camera.

So Santa-man if  you are feeling rich this year (OK I know, between property taxes and college tuition you're not), here's a little toy this lady could use.

1 CT. T.W. Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold - Zales
Is Costco having any jewelry sales? You know I lost 1 of my diamond earrings last winter-
made me cry, cry cry.
So another WISH list item.

And if cash is tight, we need to finish up our cheap kitchen remodel from last summer- painting all the cabinets.  I want one of these farmhousee sinks, INSTALLED- which you are good at. It would look so nice, and no divider...and maybe a new kitchen counter top too- the 25 year old one is looking pretty shabby next to our repainted 35 years old cabinets and new knobs.
Just saying.
I bet Lowe's or Home Depot would have a nice sink, not too expensive too.


And you could, if so inclined or have any time (ha-ha- that is funny) build the drawers for this awesome spectacular cabinet you build for me that holds most of my clothes. I know you even have the wood out in your workshop.
It would get my gigantic scarf collection off the back of the bedroom door you know.

Photo of United States Passport
OK on my DREAM DREAM list- some plane tickets to some place new.  I don't know when we would go, since Santa-Man is very busy at work, but we have a 25th wedding anniversary to celebrate still.
Just an idea.
You could even just renew my passport for me too.


One of these ultra-light down jackets. Good for traveling. Nice and light-you don't feel like you are walking marshmallow like in my current winter jacket.  LL Bean has this cool my favorite color green one.
Would be really really nice, and not too expensive, honey.

No matter I get for Christmas, I already have the best gifts ever. A loving hubby. A beautiful successful daughter who passed her engineer in training exam (only 50% of test takers nationwide pass). Two loving boys-meaning my dog and cat. A nice home. A good job that I like. More art supplies than I need. Chances to travel. So far decent health. I work hard, play hard and life is good.
That's really the best gift of all.

So what's on your wish Christmas list?

So we have another holiday party tonight and there's suppose to be a big snow coming in over night.  We shall see what happens.
And best of all, Katie comes home today from college.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

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Unknown said...

I would love to have a new phone. The iphone 5c to be exact. I love what apple did with the colors plus the additional features of the phone. :)