Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cool Quote and Photo I Came Across

Liked this.
Thought it was appropriate for this time of year.
Made any resolutions yet?

My vacation week has been low key. Not really couch potato mode, but at times, close to it.
I am LOVING it.
I needed some time with no expectations from myself
and the personal decision that it is OK to waste as much time as I want.
At one point I thought I would really like to go away over the holidays- or at least go away after Christmas-since I had a big chunk of time off-
but now that I'm in the zone-
not at all bummed out to be hanging home.
Besides having a great shopping day in the snow Thursday,
going out to lunch with the hubby and my daughter yesterday,
hanging in the studio a bit yesterday-as well as couch potato-ing it.
Finally watched The Lone Ranger Friday night and although not a 10, it was a better movie than I expected.
And last night, Maine beat Princeton in the Florida Classic tournament so tonight we have the championship game to watch.
That's about it here.
My house is still a MESS.
The studio is still a shambles.
But its not going any where.

Maybe today I'll be a little ambitious.
But then again-with ice and snow coming this afternoon-
maybe not.
Read some more of my fun book

watch the rest of season 3 of Games of Thrones,

Happy Sunday everyone.
Stop by again soon.

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