Monday, May 1, 2023

T Stands for Second on the Second

 Hi everyone.  Happy first T day of May. 

It's basically been  wet  outside at my house for a few days now, although we did get a bit of brightening this afternoon. I think the April showers have forgotten it's now May.  I'm happy I finished the gardening I did before the wet weather moved in last week though. You might remember that last week I did a whole garden post, but I'll spare you more garden photos today.

Last week I did show you this photo. 

I am always excited when 'summer' places start opening up. I live in a tourist area. We have lots of lakes and the foothills of the White Mountains  in the area. The higher mountains are just over an hour or so away, as are the ocean with beaches and boating. It's a definite perk to where I live.

Of course, these same attractions  also draw tourists. But the good news about tourists and summer is that when they're both around, places like Pop's are open.👍

This month lots of new blog challenges start on the first and the second. Since Tuesday is the second of May, my T day post will also be for Second on the Second this time around.  Pop's  is opening this upcoming weekend, and I'm excited about that.  For T this week let me share some photos from May of 2021 when I took my first trip to Pop's that year.

Of course the hubby and I weren't the only ones ready for some of Pop's food. It was a long line, but it was 2021 and so people were still socially distancing.

You can tell it had been busy long before we reached the window.

We ordered our food to go and ate in the car.

We didn't buy drinks but brought them from home. Here's my Diet Coke. This is my ticket to T this week over at Bleubeard's and Elizabeth's blog.

And that year on my first trip  to Pop's I had a lobster roll. The hubby and I also shared some onion rings. Here's just a few onion rings in my lobster roll tray.

I don't know what price lobster rolls are going to be this year. I have already had one at another restaurant when my friend who winters out in New Mexico came home. She and I have a fun tradition where we go to a  restaurant (one that stays open all year) and  start the nice weather season with a lobster roll. We also end the nice weather season with a lobster roll for lunch in the fall. When we had our lobster rolls a few weeks back the prices were still a bit  high (but this restaurant also gives you fries and coleslaw with your sandwich), but definitely not nearly as expensive as they had been last year.  👍

Lobsters are locally sourced food here in New Hampshire, so I do feel like I am helping out the local economy when I have one. Smile. At one time they were spurned by almost everyone, and because they were so common, they practically became everyday food for the coastal population, including those who didn't have a lot of money. It's only been in the past years when air flight has been able to transport them to far away places  that lobsters have taken on a different reputation.  When they say times changes things, it is certainly true for lobsters.

And as the oceans warm, lobsters, who like cold water, are moving further north. There will most likely be a time when the Maine lobster (which is also found here in New Hampshire) might have to be renamed the Newfoundland Lobster .

And last week I showed you an older bear photo, and lots of you had comments about bears. 

To answer your questions:
-yes, the black bears we have in New Hampshire are big, but nowhere near as big as a Grizzley, Brown or Polar bear

-bears can be found just about everywhere in New Hampshire because we are a fairly wooded and rural state

-black bears tend to run off when they come around people BUT don't corner them; don't get  too close to one, and definitely DON'T separate a mother and her cub(s)

-and if you have a dog, try not to let them chase the bear as those bear claws can do damage (try telling that to Mr.  Pete though)

-there is a bear hunting season in NH as the bear population is managed by the state fish and game department

-I'm happy I live someplace where wildlife can still roam.  I respect their size, but I'm not happy they like to eat bird food though. 

-there has only been a couple of times in my life that wildlife and I have come too close for comfort, and neither time it was with a bear. I am just aware that they can be any place any time, and it is nice to have dogs to scent them out. (I also have bear spray, but I don't always carry with me although I probably should.)

OK, this post has once again gotten out of hand. 😩
Unless it rains all weekend, I hope to make a trip to Pop's this coming weekend. I'm not sure if I'll have a lobster roll or not, but I will report back if I do-smile.   Have a great T day and week ahead.

Thanks for visiting. 


Tom said...

...being closer to the coast allows you to enjoy foods that we can't.

kathyinozarks said...

Hi Erika, great post today. I would love if some of your rain came this way-we have not had any rain at all for a long time. we are getting very very strong winds non stop since late saturday so far.
those lobster rolls look so delicious I have never lived where I could try one. do you happen to know of a good recipe to make it?
we have bears back in Missouri at the woods house we were driving in the driveway and saw a bear near the front pond there-there are also quite a few large cougars in our woods too-I had to stop taking a hike back in our woods.
Happy T hope you get your lobster roll on opening day.
Hugs Kathy

Mae Travels said...

I envy your proximity to local fresh lobster supplies! When we spent some time in Bar Harbor a few years ago we had whole lobsters, lobster rolls, and other sea delights, and loved it all. Not to mention blueberries! I hope you have lots of those Maine goodies this year.

best, mae at maefood.blogspotcom

Carola Bartz said...

Lobster roll is something I have enjoyed very much when we traveled in Maine. At that time - 2007 - they weren't that expensive by far.
What a cool picture of the Black Bear. They roam here where I live as well, but I have yet to meet one. Some of them have been reported hanging out on people's porches, but usually they stick to the woods. We also have mountain lions; I haven't met one yet, but I heard them in the night. Like you, I love that we have so much wildlife here that can roam freely. The close encounters I fear the most are those with rattlesnakes. Have a lovely month of May, Erika.

Iris Flavia said...

To be honest... I like social distancing. I really do hate when strangers come too near.
Also.. you never know what they might carry. Once Ingo helped up a drunk guy at the Christmas Market - the guys from the Ambulance (they´re always there for in case) came running, telling Ingo to let go and wash his hands very, very well NOW - the man is sick.
Ever since I have plastic glovies with me. Helping - yes, but be safe.

The "out"-signs look depressing! And good!
Oh. So sad I don´t like seafood. Ingo would love to join you!
Very nice tradition with your friend, thank you, this made me smile big.
Expensive... so what. The fun and yum is priceless! As helping the locals!

Lobsters like cold water?! You could get them in Cuba, "fresh" (friends had them, not us).
My Mum once bought this. It tasted like old chicken (but we do not live near the ocean). I think this one ruined it for (my) life!! Brrrr, the aggressive look and the old taste. Do I even publish this? Yes. I think you can laugh about it as you have yummy ones!

"Officer, here is a bear"!
"Yes. Calm down, it´s stuffed."
"No, it´s alive!!!"

My hometown. Each year they pushed a stuffed bear around for the parade, but that year a real one from the Harz Mountains mingled in! And police thought it´s a joke. Gosh, it was chaos. That was in the 1970´s...
There is bear spray??? What?

I like your posts that get out of hand!
Enjoy Pop´s!!!! To a great T-Day and hugs

Angie's Recipes said...

I am drooling over that lobster roll!

nwilliams6 said...

Oh my gosh, that lobster roll is so big. Makes me want to plan a trip to Pops! Yumm.

Love all the bear facts too. We have bears here but they are small and we rarely see them. We have a bunch of coyotes which are horrible as they chase and eat the baby deer and anyone's chickens, cats and other small animals.

Happy Tday, Erika. Fun post. Hugz

David M. Gascoigne, said...

It's great that bears and humans have learned to get along together - just the way it should be! Hugs - David

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Erika, I think we will definitely need to stop at Pops one day this season and, of course, get a lobster roll. As you said, they can be costly but when enjoyed infrequently worth the price and helping a local business is always good. We have never seen a black bear (or a moose) on any of our travels through parts of New England, not that I would want to encounter either and best they stay in the wooded areas safely away from humans.

Kate Yetter said...

I have never had a lobster roll but I have always wanted to try one since I first saw you posting them. That is sad that lobsters have gotten so expensive that they are not longer at a price range that everyone can afford them.
I enjoyed reading about the bears. We have had some where we live, but I have never seen one with my own eyes. I just don't want them to show up when my children are outside playing. I too love that wildlife can roam freely. We frequently have deer in the back.
Happy Tea Day,

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm always up for more garden posts ;)

Having that kind of fresh seafood available sounds wonderful. And it looks tasty. I'm happy enough to not have bears here. All our wildlife is not so dangerous. Deer are the biggest animal we get, and of course not inside the city where I am.

Happy T Tuesday

Jeanie said...

I love lobster. I can't remember when or where I had my first lobster roll but I remember it was delicious. They are hard to come by here. Oh, if I ever get to NH, we're headed to Pops (even if they are outrageously expensive!). The bear answers were very interesting!

Empire of the Cat said...

Hi Erika, first of all, I wish we had black bears here, how cool that would be. I would love to see more wildlife. Pops must be a good place when people are waiting outside for them to open! Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your T and second look post. I remember that one and how greasy the bags were! But the lobster roll looks good, even though the only lobster we get here are live ones flown in and expensive. Think Red Lobster.

I saw black bears when I visited friends in Montana, but they don't live in KS. In fact, one went through my friend's garbage can. I wish I still had the photos I took. We have coyotes and a few mountain lions have been spotted on web cams.

Thanks for sharing your diet coke, your second look, and your bear warning with us for T this Tuesday, dear.

Valerie-Jael said...

Pops sound like a great place to eat, but you need to get there early to get everything you want! I've never had lobster. It's still a luxury product here. And thanks for the infos about bears, but I hink the likelihood of me meetng one over here is very small. But I#M repared now! Happy T Day, happy everything, hugs, Valerie

CJ Kennedy said...

Yay for Pops opening up for the season. I hope Teague and I can find lobster rolls when we're in Ogunquit. Off and on showers today. At least the sun has been out a little bit. Hope you had some sunshine today, too. Happy T Day

J said...

When we went to visit our son in Boston our DIL took us for a Lobster Roll and chips, we were shocked to find chips were not fries, LOL
Thanks for the info on bears, I’m always amazed at the wild life in CA roaming around
Happy belated T day. Jan S

Neet said...

That guy looks big enough for me!!!
How lovely to have a lobster roll. Something I have never had (but I know I would just love, especially the one with coleslaw and fries). It is very expensive to have lobster here and only the higher end restaurants sell it.
You have taken me back to a trip to Encinitas for breakfast at the `Potato Shack'. What a lovely memory, thanks for stirring it up again.
Hugs, Neet
ps enjoy all the lobster you can. x

Lisca said...

That lobster roll really makes my mouth water. (I have never eaten lobster, but I imagine it's delicious).
Belated happy T-Day,

pearshapedcrafting said...

I can almost feel you excitement at Pops opening this weekend! Lovely to see your Second on 2nd post, although I hope we never have to go back to those distanced queues! You say that bear is smaller than others but I still wouldn't want one that close! Belated Happy T Day,

Amila said...

It seems Pops is a great place for good food. Sometimes it is good to wait for food even if the line is a bit long. Great info about bears. I learned new things about bears that I was not aware of before.
Thanks for sharing all these. Have a great weekend ahead and a Happy Belated T-day!
Amila -