Monday, May 8, 2023

T Stands for Spring is Really Here

Hi everyone. Happy time for T again. 
After  many days  of cold temperatures, clouds and showers, spring has finally arrived. It is great to see the sun, have temperatures go back to normal, and also to have everything sprouting and getting green. We're right on schedule here, although I know many of you  have had green for quite some time now.

As I had mentioned in last week's T day post, summer places are opening in my area, and one of those places is Pop's. This past Saturday was their opening day. Pop's sells mostly fried seafood and fish, but you can get burgers, grilled cheese, hot dogs, fish tacos, subs and chicken fingers too. If you want to eat totally plant based, then skip Pop's because the only thing on the menu for you would be the veggie sub and the coleslaw. Smile.

And if  you want to eat low calorie, you probably want to skip Pop's too-smile. But high calorie or not,it is fun to take a few trips over the summer and indulge on some yummy seafood. 

And when I think about it, I'm actually surprised there is still seafood in the ocean off the New England coast with the business places like Pop's have in the summer. Good thing it is all managed, hopefully correctly managed.

This year they have a new truck parked out front also. I'm not sure what year it is (I'll need to ask my son-in-law because he  really knows about automobiles), but I'm guessing sometime from the 1940's.

This restaurant opened in 1945 after the war, and I doubt it has very much changed since then. I think the truck adds some great nostalgia to the place.

We went Saturday evening for dinner (about 5) hoping to beat some of the crowd. As you can see from my photo which I took from our place in line, with  as many people behind us as in front of us, we didn't beat the crowd.

And I did not order a lobster roll this time. I thought they were still a little pricey, but once the season ramps up I'm guessing prices will drop some. What my husband and I  ordered was  the seafood platter. It was $37.95  but came with fish, shrimp, scallops, clams, fries and coleslaw. It says right on the menu it serves 2, but in reality, we brought a 1/3 of it home so it could serve 3. We also ordered a small side of onion rings, and about 1/3 of those came home with us also. 

It wasn't a hot evening, but warm for us after several days in the low 40's (about 5 degrees C).  These warmer temperatures felt good so we decided to eat outside on top of the flipper room, which is the building next to Pop's as a place for their customers to eat if they don't get take out.  I grabbed a table in the sun. It was quite comfy.

And here's my ticket for T this week over at 

By the way, I thought their fountain drinks were outrageously priced. Next time we come we're bringing our own drinks. That's my only real negative about this year's prices. 

And right now you need to click off if you are hungry (grin) and like fried seafood because here's our meal.

You can't even see the French fries and coleslaw that came on the plate.  Good thing we split it.

I went home after dinner and laid on the couch in a food coma-smile. 😏

Have a great T day and week ahead.
And thanks for visiting my blog.



Tom said...

...that First Generation Ford F-Series is sweet!

Carola Bartz said...

That is a lot of food, but gosh, does it look yummy. I love seafood and would be perfectly happy to eat it all the time and not have any meat anymore. I guess Pop's would be right down my alley since I like places like that. We have quite some of those along our coast and we always love to visit and enjoy some good seafood. I skip the soda, though, I'm not a friend of it. I hope spring will stick around at your place and you can enjoy warmer and sunnier days. Have a wonderful week, Erika, and happy T day!

Mae Travels said...

Places like that are really treasures! The food looks fabulous. Just seeing your photos is in itself a pleasure (though I wish I could taste that seafood)
best, mae at

Christine said...

Yummy seafood!

Angie's Recipes said...

The fried seafood looks so very good! That car is a beauty!

Iris Flavia said...

Thank you for the Pop´s-smile! Grilled cheese, please! Oh, I have some waiting in the fridge (really!)
VERY cool truck!
Before COVID we had food festivals (they kinda did not return! (I have hopes)) - we waited some whopping 45 minutes for a burger we shared - SO worth it, yum!
Sienna, Tuscany, we stood in line... you get the idea, I am with you :-)
I´m having pan-Pizza atm as brekkie. Yes, because I "brought a lot home", too! :-)
Here it´s still too cold, 8C.
Those are a lot of sauces! Food-coma, hahaha, the best ;-) Happy T-Day and hugs

David M. Gascoigne, said...

The food looks terrific but it makes me want to throw up when I see that sea of plastic getting dumped into a grossly polluted world already over-burdened with it. I simply would not eat there. Hugs - David

Valerie-Jael said...

Oh my, what a huge amount of lovely food, I want some! Glad zou had such a good time! Hugs, Valerie
Happy T Day!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That meal is more than I spend on a week of groceries. Seriously! For a special treat, it would be worth it, though. Ketchup SUCKS!! None of that for me. The platter looks good, though. Sorry your drink was so expensive. Thanks for the great photos and loved that old truck. This is a wonderful entry you have given us for T this Tuesday, dear Erika.

Empire of the Cat said...

I really love the shape of those old trucks. I've seen then in a couple of TV shows, Longmire springs to mind. They look so cool. I used to eat a lot of seafood in Australia, but never fried. That sure is a lot of food though. I read your comment about prices, and I don't know how people are supposed to pay for it all. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

Divers and Sundry said...

This looks perfect! A feast and a nice space for eating it outside. You can't beat fried seafood. Happy T Tuesday!

Kate Yetter said...

Haha, Food Coma is right. I have one just looking at all that fried food. BUT YUM!! Fried seafood sounds delicious.
Happy Tea Day,

jinxxxygirl said...

Wow i don't think i've had a seafood plate where EVERYTHING is battered and But it sure looks yummy!!! And definitely worth a trip or two in the Summer.. We've been HOT here in TX.. The beginning of April was definitely Spring but by the end we were in Summer.. We had a little sprinkle of rain too.. and thankgoodness more is expected this week.. New weedeater is being shipped in .. i wore out the old one last year.. lol Happy T day! Hugs! deb

kathyinozarks said...

I always enjoy reading about your trips to Pops and wow that is allot of food for the money-looks like it could serve a family and for sure take home food too.
love the truck too wonder if it is the same year as the opening of their restaurant.
Happy T hugs Kathy

Caty said...

Happy T-day dear Erika ! It's good that the temperatures have risen a bit and that spring is already in your area. That car in front of the restaurant draws a lot of attention, because of its age, and the food you have ordered looks delicious.
The tag of your previous post is beautiful, with the girl and her flower hat. I also really like your page of your bee journal, it's wonderful. I have loved seeing all your bees in the hive, and coming out of the box. They are incredible and wonderful little beings. Bravo Erika for helping them.
I wish you a great Wednesday, big hugs

Jeanie said...

Dinner looks GREAT! (How much are the lobster rolls?) That's a lot of food for that much and good to share.

I'm back from about five days out and will never catch up. But I did look down posts and noticed the bees are here. I'm so glad they are doing well and made it. I'll comment on the book post separately!

nwilliams6 said...

Love the truck! Wow. That is a big seafood platter. It would be a hard choice between the lobster roll and the platter. Can't wait to see the Lobster roll - hoping prices come down soon for you. Fun tradition to eat there when the season starts. Happy T-day a bit late, Erika. Hugz

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Erika, we will definitely have to make time to visit and eat at Pop's. We really like seafood and eat more of this food group than anything else and even if most of Pop's is of the fried variety, we could make an exception. Yes, to onion rings as well. Thanks for the heads up about bringing our own beverages.

We're off on a road trip to PA for most of net week...but maybe when we return, we can work something out as far as a meet-up with you and your husband too.

Sharon Madson said...

Your food looks so good! Only, we just got home from a large comfort food dinner of homemade chicken & noodles, mashed potatoes & gravy, rolls, green beans, and garlic salad. I ate the bread and brought home most of the food! So much. Forgot to take photos. LOL Enjoy the rest of your week as it is Wednesday already! Sorry I am late for tea. Hugs.

Neet said...

Looks as if Pops is the place to be. I think I would have thought `I had died and gone to heaven had I got that meal - seafood is my favourite - feed me with it in any shape or form (I think).
Hugs, Neet xx

Lisca said...

I know how much you like Pop's so it was wonderful that they have opened again. You are not the only people liking their food. What a long queue. And the food looks yummy I must admit.I love seafood.

Aimeslee Winans said...

Oh YEAH, that is my kinda seafood platter! Well, ours has fried shrimp and oysters, stuffed crab, but also some clams along with the onion rings and cole slaw. YUM! Well, I bet you just cannot stop grinning this week, with Spring sunshine AND Pop's! Good things are worth waiting for so enjoy!!! XOX