Saturday, June 17, 2023

Some Photos from Iceland

 Hi everyone. Happy Saturday. It's another wet one here in New Hampshire.

Due to a lot of requests, today let me share some more photos from Iceland.  I also want to first mention that in yesterday's post, that in the photo of my husband on the red chair, he was not on the edge of a cliff.  It was just a little mound of rocks. But it does create quite the illusion, doesn't it? (Neither he nor I really like heights, and I can say with certainty that he would never sit on the edge of a cliff.) I still love his expression in that photo though.

Let me share  some more sheep and then a waterfall called Skogafoss in South Iceland.

I'm loving the horns. In this breed both sexes have horns.

And here's Skogafoss, one of the many waterfalls  in Iceland.

And here's a couple of photos for David who asked if I saw any bird cliffs in Iceland. These are NOT impressive I know, and I saw better ones, but SMILE- I'm making you wait a few more days for those. (Sorry.)

I know these photos aren't the clearest due to the waterfall spray,nor the closest as I wasn't going climbing on a wet cliff-grin-  but do you think they could be kittiwakes, fulmars or something else perhaps in the gull family? If you can't tell from my photos I get it.

Back to the waterfall, and it's mist.

Here's me in my much loved pink hiking shoes, and my lined rain jacket I hedged on buying back in February because I didn't think it would get enough use. Even if it was marked 50% off. Thank goodness I picked it up because I not only wore it all week in Iceland, but I wore it all spring at home.

The spray was pretty thick, especially when the wind blew.

We decided not to climb up to the viewpoint as we still had miles to travel that day-which meant a lot of other things to see. I bet it was a great view though.

But we did go to the top/viewing points of some other waterfalls along the journey.

And right after we left the waterfall here's a bit of the scenery.

And I'll finish this post with the view from the windshield. The next land type (beyond these) was lava fields and glaciers.

Have a great Saturday.


Tom said...

...I love the wide open spaces and all of the green. Thanks for taking me along for the tour.

Mae Travels said...

Beautiful views of the countryside! We saw so many waterfalls on our trips to Iceland that I have no idea which ones we saw. I know we saw some of the biggest ones and they were spectacular. The most amazing of the bird colonies were protected so that our ship couldn’t approach them, but we still saw a lot of colonies. Puffins were the best! I don’t think it was their breeding season when you were there.
best, mae at

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful photos, Erika, water falls are always majestic. The jacket you are wearing was just the right things for your trip, and the pink shoes - yessssssssssss! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Valerie

Angie's Recipes said...

Spectacular views! I always thought only male sheep had horns :)

Christine said...

Gorgeous waterfall!

J C said...

I really liked seeing Iceland. Never been there and you have taken me where I prolly will never get to go, so thanks. Its so different than here. I would miss the trees. What kind of birds were those?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

When I created pages in my imaginary journal of Iceland, one of the waterfalls was Skogafoss. Several travel guides showed it. Apparently it is one that many people are encouraged to visit. I understand you can also go behind it and look out at the crowd. You got some up close and REAL photos. I am so impressed with the falls and the birds, too. This is a wonderful post and one that I appreciate you taking us on.

Aimeslee Winans said...

I'm fascinated by the different looks of the grass, makes me want to touch. The waterways (river, creek, whatever that is) looks manmade, perhaps irrigation or just winding naturally? The waterfall looks very cool, especially to be that close to it. Interesting variety of landscapes. XOX

Iris Flavia said...

I love sheep :-)
And the waterfall-pics are great, but... how did you shield your camera?
Wow on the vast landscape. I hope to see it all again when we take the railway trip from Adelaide to Perth. Sooo much space, just seeing your pics makes one feel free.
Ups Sunday here, hope you have a great one, hugs
P.S. love your shoes :-)

craftytrog said...

Wonderful photos Erika! I really love the waterfalls!

Lowcarb team member said...

Wonderful photographs, I enjoyed seeing them.

All the best Jan

Carola Bartz said...

It looks likea very powerful waterfall. The scenery is interesting and I love all the green. The sheep are gorgeous - do you know what this breed is called?

Fundy Blue said...

I am reliving our trip through south Iceland while enjoying your photos, Erika! Love your pink hiking shoes. I did climb to the top of Skogafoss. It's hard for me to resist going to the top, the bottom, the end of places. Terry reluctantly followed me because he was worried that I'd get into some kind of trouble. (I have a track record ~ lol!) Your husband has a great smile.