Monday, June 12, 2023

T Stands for My Summer Job

 Hi everyone. Happy T day.

It's time to visit Bleubeard's and Elizabeth's blog where we share our drink related posts and often chat about life.

I was MIA last week because the hubby and I went off  on an adventure. I'm guessing by now most of you know we went to Iceland. I'll share more from this trip another week for T day.

Now that I’m back home I’m into summer mode.  My husband’s boat goes down to the marina this week.  My screen porch floor should get painted soon (hopefully this week) so I can set the space up. Flowers are blooming in the gardens. The veggie plants are growing. And this year I have picked up a part time summer job a couple of mornings a week.

This is my summer “office” on Monday and Tuesday mornings (when it isn't raining).

Today (Monday) was my first day.

That Lake Host is me. If you aren't familiar with Lake Hosts their job is to check boats either going into or out of the lake to be sure they are not transporting invasive species that can become a huge problem in the lake. The other role is to help educate boaters about transporting invasive species.

This isn't a new job for me as I was a lake host for several years, but I haven't done this job for the last 10 years and some things have changed. Like having these signs.

I really like how I can give back to the community with this job, especially since we do use this lake on occasion. Plus I don't have to drive very far as this lake is in my town. And when there's no boats, I can sketch or read. And I should be able to put a little cash back into my travel fund. This is an all around good gig I'd say. 😁

And for my drink related post, here's my chair with my drinks.  The water bottle came home from Iceland with me. I wish I could turn on my tap and get that water. 😀

I hope everyone has a great T day and week ahead.


Mae Travels said...

I’ve been to Iceland twice and loved it! I am looking forward to your posts about your trip.
best, mae at

Tom said...

...what a gorgeous spot to work at, enjoy your summer.

Kate Yetter said...

Sounds like a great job! You were a teacher, right? This is perfect for you as you get to educate others. And a little free time on the side to create does sound like the perfect gig.
Have fun and I look forward to the Iceland pictures.
Happy Tea Day,

kathyinozarks said...

This sounds like a very fun job for sure-enjoy!

Angie's Recipes said...

What a beautiful and lovely place to work!

Sharon Madson said...

I almost went to Iceland, once. Wish we had. Now since the pandemic, we haven't traveled except for short trips, or when I flew across country to see our grandson graduate college. I can't complain as we went on a lot of cruises. Fun photo of your drink & chair. Happy T Day.

Christine said...

That's a great job for you!

Iris Flavia said...

Wow, that is a super-win-win-win job! :-)
Nothing better than sit by the water, read, sketch and help others.
Sad about the water, though. I still remember the water in one National Park somewhere in Australia, 1995, I guess. It was rather yellow-ish, but soooo yummy!
Have a happy T-day and fun at the lake, hugs

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This sounds like a win-win to me. Money for your travels, too. You might have to educate me on what is considered an invasive species. Thanks for sharing your Iceland water and Diet Coke with us for T this Tuesday, dear friend. Enjoy your new job.

Aimeslee Winans said...

Oh okay! So, you weren't the Times Square Beekeeper after all, lol. I watched him, he squeegied them into a box that had the hive drawers like you have, thought that was pretty cool and here is the link to the video of him doing it:
Great good luck and fun on your new summer job. That's perfect for a biologist! You'll spot every interloper. Have fun, XOX

Lisca said...

What a great job! You are able to educate people about invasive species. Coincidentally I was listening to an article on Dutch radio about invasive ants, asking people to check their gardens.
I’m sorry my blog is a mess. I’ve re-written it, but it’s made little difference. I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.
Happy T-Day,

Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you had such fun in Iceland. My computer is playing silly games and I couldn't see any pics, I'll try again later. Hugs, Valerie

J said...

Our GSs are going to Iceland after their visit to Spain, sounds like an interesting job, especially if you can enjoy the views, read and sketch.
Happy T Day. Jan S

CJ Kennedy said...

Welcome home. That sounds like an interesting job and to make a bit of money, too. Win-win. I hope you got to enjoy the sunshine and warm temps. Today Happy T Day

nwilliams6 said...

What a great side job, Erika. You are helping the lake, your community and your pocket book. Plus that view is fabulous.

Water from Iceland - that is a super cool. Wish we could all turn on our taps and get it. Can't wait to see all your Iceland pictures.

Happy T-day and hugz

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your part time gig sound ideal, Erika, as not only are you helping to protect the waterway, but get some extra trip funds, enjoy the outdoors, and have time to read or sketch. This sounds like a perfect job for you😀

Carola Bartz said...

This sounds like a very good summer job, especially since it's only two morning a week. Perfect. Your view is beautiful over that lake. Do you have a covered place to sit when it is raining? And is anybody taking their boat out when it is raining? Wonderful that you can read or sketch when it isn't busy - will you sketch that view? Here, they check the boats as well for the same reason. I'm glad that the lakes are being taken care of.

Jeanie said...

I don't know if we have these at our lake, but we should. We always worry about invasive species.

Neet said...

Well, if you are going to have a job this one takes a bit of beating.
Sounds like a wonderful job to be doing, if you know what you are doing (which i wouldn't have a clue about). How I envy you your view and everything about it. Fab - Enjoy!
Hugs, Neet xx