Saturday, June 22, 2024

Back in the Garden

 Hi everyone. Happy weekend to you.

     Thursday night we had rain and thunderstorms, and luckily that heat dome lifted. Now we are back to normal summer weather where it's warm and humid but not oppressive. Friday I went out and checked my gardens, which did need some weeding, but not enough that I couldn't take a few minutes and pull one or two. I am sure if I wanted to do some major weeding I could find some renegade plants to pull, but instead I'd rather enjoy the flowers.  ❤

     I thought I would share some more of my garden views since I'm very happy with how most everything looks right now.

     I'm not sure what variety of Spirea this is, but the one plant I bought has seeded itself a million times around my yard. I've pulled out a lot of those seedlings, but some are in good spots so I left them to grow. The bees of all kinds just love their flowers.

     The blackberries in the wild blackberry patch next to part of my driveway are looking like what they'll eventually become. This is a close up because these green berries are actually quite tiny.

My Astilbes  are looking pretty right now too. 

    Sadly I am back to 1 beehive (the second year hive). Once again I lost  too many bees  during shipping, and even getting a second queen didn't salvage the hive. 😢 But my second year hive is still doing fantastic. And for those of you who asked, the orange bucket just covers the power box for the electric fence. I live in black bear and skunk country, both of which can destroy a hive so I have an electric fence around the bee area.

     Here's a close up of some soon to pop milkweed flowers. I'm working on getting the milkweed plants  to grow in an area where I want more wildflowers, not my actual cultivated flower bed. Last year when the pods started to open I threw them out of the garden and down into my wildflower area, and it seemed to work as I have a lot of milkweeds growing here. 

These zinnias grew from seeds a couple years old.

     This is the path down to the beehive, which goes through my wild-flower garden. I've planted things here, and also, some of my garden plants like the flowering Spirea have self seeded in this area. This year the pants have gone wild. They're huge.

     Speaking of self-seeding, This is a bed off to the side where I have more tomato and pepper plants. I switched sides this year,  but if you look between those shorter pepper plants (on the right) you can see a lot of self- seeded tomatoes growing. I'm going to have to dig them out and find a place in the actual veggie garden for them.  They're getting big fast.

    I was very bad  😏 this spring and bought myself a greenhouse. Not a big one, but to put it up I need some landscaping done to have a flat area. Good thing the hubby bought a tractor. The other day he started working on the area where the greenhouse will go.

And lastly, this cool bee was my Mother's Day gift from my daughter. 

     I'm hoping the weather is wrong, and we don't have a lot of rain like  the forecast predicts because  my daughter and her husband are coming by for the day if it's a lake day. This year since my mother-in-law is not in her house, every family is assigned a week every 3 weeks. This is our weekend, so if the weather is good we'll see my daughter. Right now that is not promising. 😟

 I am linking this post up to Gillena's  Sunday Smiles I hope you enjoyed the garden views, and have a super weekend! 


Iris Flavia said...

We had rain, thunder and lighting, too!!! But still way too cold (17C/62F).
Wow, everything is in bloom and/or growing.
Sorry about your hive. B.bbblack bear country would not be my thing!
What is it with tractors these days? Yesterday I got pics from my colleague and sent some to him from Perth...
Fingers crossed for good weather for your lake-date! Hugs and to a great Saturday.

Tom said...

..."bee" happy today.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

It makes my heart sing to see someone encouraging Milkweed, vital for Monarch butterflies, of course. I hope you will be able to attract them. We grow both Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) and Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa) and both are successful. Butterfly Milkweed is nothing short of spectacular in full bloom. Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca), which I think you have, is equally effective. I am sure you know the whole relationship between Monarchs and Milkweeds so I won’t go into that, but many a year we bring eggs into the house and raise butterflies indoors. This year we have only Black Swallowtails indoors, but we are raising Cecropia Moths on a Sugar Maple and Polyphemus on an American Linden. Sorry to hear that you lost one hive, but at least the second one is doing well. All the best - David

Angie's Recipes said...

Keeping bees, having a garden and doing art, then your summer job, you are a super woman, Erika.

Hels said...

The blackberries are looking beautifully shaped and only need to grow dark crimson before you can eat them. Which month is best for picking and eating these little gems?

Katerinas Blog said...

Your photos are very beautiful and clear!!
I hope all goes well with the greenhouse!
Have a great time with your daughter!
Have a nice weekend Erika!!

Valerie-Jael said...

I love your garden, it looks slightly wild, a sort of paradise garden, just how I like it. Love the flowers with the bees, so pretty. Hope the bees thrive now, and I'm looking forward to seeing the green-house. And how lovely to haves a tractor, I wsould so love to ride on one! Have a fabulous weekend with your daughter. Hugs, Valerie

craftytrog said...

Your garden is looking lovely, and I'm pleased at least one of your hives is doing well.
Hope the weather is good for your lake trip.
Have a great weekend.
Alison x

Jeanie said...

Boy, the bees are really sucking down that sangria. I'm so sorry that your one hive didn't make it. Will some of the bees move to the other hive or are they very territorial? I don't know much about that but I hope those who made it have kept on with the others. The garden looks fantastic. Everything is just thriving, isn't it? Well done!

kathyinozarks said...

Good morning, Glad you got rain to get rid of some of the humidity we are in a cycle where it is getting a bit hotter every day along with high humidity. I just cant be out it in any more-guess it's my age now.
I loved your photos with the bees on the blooms-how pretty.
so sorry you lost another bee hive-hoping you could get a refund. will you be able to harvest honey this fall? that was always the fun part when we raised bees. What a lovely gift from your daughter I love it
enjoy your weekend hugs Kathy

*Vicki* said...

I really love the bee photos you took! They're enjoying themselves on your flower plant! Glad the weather is better...hoping and crossing fingers for just a bit of rain this evening.

ashok said...

Lovely garden pics..Happy weekend!

CJ Kennedy said...

You garden is beautiful, and I enjoyed seeing the bees. I hope the weather clears so you can enjoy the lake. things don't look promising here or for the rest of the week.

Aimeslee Winans said...

Omygosh, you are going to have so many tomatoes!!!
Your gradens look fabulous and I look forward to seeing your greenhouse.
I'm sorry about your hive, Nature always prevails. Glad you have the second one.
Hope somehow the weather forecast is wrong and you get some lake and daughter time, xoxo

Gillena Cox said...

Ooh my what an ornate bee; your daughter loves you 🌻
your flowers are beautiful. i luv especially the pink ones
Thanks for linkibg to SundaySmiles


Anna said...

What a delightful glimpse into your garden! It's clear your passion for gardening shines through in every detail you've shared. The way you describe your plants, from the self-seeding Spirea to the promising blackberries and Astilbes, paints a vivid picture of a serene and thriving sanctuary. Your efforts to nurture both cultivated and wild spaces, like your milkweed project, show a deep commitment to sustainability and beauty. Despite setbacks with your beehives, your resilience and care for these vital pollinators are truly inspiring. Your upcoming greenhouse project sounds exciting too – it's wonderful to see your enthusiasm for expanding your gardening horizons. Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden journey with us! Wishing you a lovely weekend with your family amidst nature's embrace. 🌿💚

R's Rue said...

Such beautiful photos.

Divers and Sundry said...

We could use some rain here. Your flowers look so good! and I love the native plants spreading everywhere. I'm sorry you lost a hive but am glad you have one doing well. I can't imagine having to plan around bears!

Barwitzki said...

Beautiful flowers, great that they attract bees...
but the best thing is that you take care of bees yourself.
It's a little scary that bears could come close to you.
I live absolutely humanely here.
Your garden is beautiful, I love some wilderness.
A hug for you.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your gardens are amazing. Just stunning. I loved seeing the bees at work, too. It was sad that you have lost that new batch of bees. I hope you get reimbursed. Thanks for sharing your beautiful plants. Good luck with your new greenhouse.

Neet said...

Wow, that bee your daughter bought you is fabulous. Couldn't have got anything better for you I suspect.
Wow you have a fabulous garden, thanks for the walk through it, and I love the speckled hen.
So much nicer when it is not that mad heat for you.
Hugs, Neet xx