Friday, March 14, 2008

Am I getting boring?

Don't want to be dull, so lets try some of my photos that are a bit unpredictable...or maybe just not typical tourist shots...or maybe they are both predictable and tourists shots, I don't know. The nice thing about these photos is that they are filling the gap of this rather blah-blah month and the dirty snow outside which is melting but still in big piles.
Anyhow, love the mind. Not the brain, the mind as in the photo, Mind your step. Or the best one is the recorded voice that goes "Mind the gap" when you get on and off the tube.

Canal boats- over by the zoo and Regent Park. Need to check out what canal this is. Wait- I just looked and this is Regent's Canal.
Oh the sacred Dung Beetle also known as the Scarab. Thought this was cool since I show a movie sometimes about scavengers and these beetles, how the male rolls a ball of dung as a gift to his seen here in the statue at the zoo.
Unworked (needs a bit of cropping to show the kitty), but this is the doorway to a gift store across from the British Museum. See the very cute little black kitty who just sat in the doorway and moved out of the way when you stepped in.
City traffic at the arch- is it Marble Arch? Yes! Built to be like the Arc du Triumph in Paris- since of course London needed one too. Actually it was the entrance to Buckingham Palace and then moved later on. You can see some taxi's here.

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