Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today is my birthday

Katie and I- half in the Eastern Hemisphere and half in the west- at Greenwich Royal Observatory.
The doors!
At Greenwich Naval College-now a public college
A different view of Westminster

Need I explain?
Today is my birthday-and its been a good day. Katie made me an excellent card- I got some other great cards. Got a few emails from some good friends too. Dave got me meatload, mashed potatoes and squash for dinner. YUM! Also, for the first time in my life- 48 years of my life- I met someone with the same birthday- one of the girls in one of my classes. Wow. Got my hair done too. Eevn leo joined in the happy birthday singing- with some LOUD meows. And, when I put on my cords for work today- they fit me BETTER- must have been all that walking and stair climbing last week.
A few more photos to enjoy too.

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