Monday, March 10, 2008

Hives, more cold, but a sunny Monday

My latest sewing project- a mail holder. I made it from an old curtain and appliqued on some hearts and stamped some postmarks. I like it. Sent it into Somerset Home, but who knows whether it will be published or not.
Gives you a little break from London photos.
This weekend I am taking a polmer clay class with Laurie Mika. Should be fun. I need to dig out supplies, my copy of the clay tile book she wrote, and then I need to go buy the rest of the supplies I need for class. It'll be a busy weekend, but I love making the tiles and don't know quite how to make something look like her mosaics (which are fantastic). Check out her book at this link to Amazon:
Hives are still being a major pain. Called the allergist today but getting an appointment with her is about impossible. And when they call back to schedule, I'd made a quick run to the post office. ERGH. Hope my hives don't cause me a lot of trouble this weekend at the class, since I want to enjoy this and not be sore and itchy.
By the way- did I mention I'm suppose to be published in Sew Somerset? Heard about it when I got home from London. EXCITING. yahoo!

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